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The modern world totally relies on electricity. Think of all electrical appliances you use every day and imagine what will happen in case of a power outage. However, there is a great independent source of electricity and it's called a power generator. We've picked 5 of the best of them for you..Read more..Read less.

A 4L fuel tank ensures up to 6 hours of runtime at 75% load. The oil tank holds up to 350 ml of oil and an integrated protection system will cut out the engine when the oil level is too low. A relatively noisy operation. If you want a generator that offers a bit of everything, this is definitely the perfect storm of power, fuel efficiency, and quality build.

It can be used to run power tools, heating devices, and any appliances up to 2000 watts in total. Sure, it's a bit finicky with its fuel compatibility but the rest is stellar. Those who can spare the cost should definitely look into this amazing model.

detailed parameters . 1700 W / 1900 W. 2 x 3-pin UK plugs, 12V DC port. Up to 6 hours (at 75% load). 48 x 29 x 41.5 cm. A built-in Bluetooth module will enable you to remotely control the generator from your Android or iOS smartphone.

You’ll get an opportunity to check the output power, activate the sockets, etc. The battery takes quite long to charge. Good for multiple low-power portable gadgets and appliances, the ALLPOWERS generator is a great companion for off-grid camping trips, fishing, hunting, and job sites.

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BEAUDENS 166Wh/52000mAh


Powerful and versatile, it will suit for sensitive electronics and will even keep your mini-fridge running smooth. detailed parameters . Built-in rechargeable battery (105 000 mAh) .

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Other Popular Portable Inverter Generators

2. WEN 56380i

2 x 3-pin UK plugs, 12V DC port, Cigarette lighter port, 3 x USB-A ports, 1 x USB-C port. Up to 4 hours (at 50 % load). 20.6 x 11 x 16.5 cm. The integrated 52,000 mAh battery can be fully charged from the grid or car cigarette lighter in about 4 to 5 hours using an AC adapter and car charger included in the pack. A solar panel (not included in the set) charging option is also available. The kit has only one three-pin UK plug.

The BAUDENS generator is the most portable model you can find around. Distinguished by compact dimensions and extremely lightweight design (at only 2.2 kg), it is a real find for hiking tours and on-the-go use. The included three USB ports will let your juice up several gadgets at once. detailed parameters . Built-in rechargeable battery (52 000 mAh) .

Böhmer-AG W4500i
  • 3-pin UK plug, 2 x 12V DC ports, 3 x USB-A ports.
  • Up to 3 hours (at 50 % load).
  • 22 x 8 x 16.8 cm.
  • The operation of the device is nearly noiseless, so it won't disturb you during use.
  • The informative LCD screen will display the remaining battery charge while the panel on the top will let you charge your gadgets wirelessly.
Best Standby Generator for Home Use
  • The carrying handles are not reliable enough.
Key Specs
Running Wattage6750W
Noise Rating74 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity6 Gal

Best Trusted Portable Inverter Generator

Best Portable Inverter Generator | Review

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and fitted with a high-capacity battery, the POWEROAK generator will perfectly meet the needs of professional musicians performing on the streets. It has enough punch to power both musical instruments and top-notch acoustic systems. Overall, it’s a mighty champ for short-term power needs. detailed parameters . Built-in rechargeable battery (135 200 mAh). 2 x 3-pin UK plugs, 2 x 12V DC ports, Cigarette lighter port, 4 x USB-A ports, 1 x USB-C port.

Up to 5 hours (at 50 % load). 29.5 x 19 x 19.5 cm. A special battery management system (BMS) will cut down the risk of battery failures due to over-charging, over-power, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, high voltage, and overheat. Two air vents will ensure efficient unit cooling.

4. GENERAC 6866
  • A current battery charge might be displayed incorrectly.
  • Perfectly suitable for picnics and outings, the ALLPOWERS 288Wh is also an apt choice for indoor use in households often facing the problem of power outages.
  • Good for units with the power input up to 500 watts, it will keep your vital appliances connected in case of power cuts.
  • detailed parameters . Built-in rechargeable battery (78 000 mAh). 2 x 3-pin UK plugs, 3 x 12V DC ports, Cigarette lighter port, 4 x USB-A ports, 1 x USB-C port.
  • Up to 3 hours (at 50 % load). 28.5 x 15 x 14 cm. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.
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Key Specs
Running Wattage9500W
Noise Rating72 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity8.3 Gal

Best Value | Most Discussed & Reviewed

1. CHAMPION 3400

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Using a portable generator is not an optional thing sometimes but it can get pretty pricey considering how much fuel some models take. However, there are, as always, more efficient and, thus, budget-friendly alternatives out there. Today, we present one such model in the form of the Böhmer-AG W4500i Petrol Inverter Silent Generator.

  • This generator is equipped with a modernised copper wound motor, which means it uses fuel extremely sparingly.
  • All the while, the Böhmer-AG W4500i delivers performance on par with the high-end models.
  • That way you save money on petrol and get enough power to run plenty of appliances.
  • You might be wondering what the catch is with that kind of motor at your disposal.
  • Well, the engine here is very particular about what kind of fuel it takes and using anything else might damage it.
3. GENERAC 7117
  • It’s not that big of a deal but it does require a bit of attention lest you ruin your generator by accident.
Key Specs
Running Wattage3500W
Noise Rating69 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity3.6 Gal
Expert Tip

What You Need to Know When Running a Generator


On the bright side, the modernisation of the motor has allowed for substantially reduced emissions. That way those seeking an eco-friendly option can use the Böhmer-AG W4500i as a sort of middle ground. After all, it manages to offer the kind of power only petrol engines guarantee and yet it doesn’t pollute the air all that much.

10 Best-Selling Inverter Generators in the UK | Comparative Table

Top 10 list of portable generators in the UK (April 2022)

With all the praise we’ve sung to the Böhmer-AG W4500i’s motor, you might be thinking we’re out. However, we have yet to mention how quiet this generator is. Yes, indeed, though this model uses a 4-stroke engine with some kick to it, it’s about as close to silent as possible.

Even at 75% load, you won’t hear anything more than a steady hum at most. Combine this with the camo paint on the body of the generator and this could make for a great piece of hunting equipment. You could spend a night in the forest with this model keeping you warm or helping you cook without any noise scaring off animals.

  • Speaking of spending time with the generator, at that level of load, a full 4-litre tank of fuel will last you 6 hours, more than impressive.
  • But that’s just another bonus of a petrol-conserving motor.
  • What’s impressive in an entirely different way, though, is the 1900 W max power output.
  • It should be enough to sustain a whole household should the central grid go out, which is not something every generator is capable of.
  • As you can already tell, the Böhmer-AG W4500i is a great option on all fronts aside from a few minor quirks.
Best for On-the-go Use
  • If you have access to the specific kind of fuel this model uses and can afford its above-average price tag, this is a great choice.
Key Specs
Running Wattage7500W
Noise Rating72 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity6.6 Gal

What Is a Portable Generator?

Power Source

It has plenty of power, works quietly, and keeps pollution low, offering up a well-rounded product in the end. Portable generators are great for many outdoor events where you have no access to the grid. Since we take our mobile gadgets anywhere we go, a portable generator will keep you connected wherever you are and is an irreplaceable source of power when in the wild.

So, if you are in search of a reliable power companion for your outdoor trips and journeys, take a glimpse at this mobile power station from ALLPOWERS. To start with the power output, it is an electric model packing an impressive capacity of 105000 mAh or 372Wh, which is great for pretty much any electronic devices with the rated power below 300 watts.

Advanced Technology Only
  • In practice, it translates to anything from laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and cameras to lanterns, lamps, and even mini-fridges so much favoured by campers.
  • Notably, a premium high-density Li-ion battery boasts quiet operation and ensures consistent power output.
  • Meanwhile, Pure Sine Wave technology makes the generator compatible even with sensitive modern electronics.
  • With the runtime of up to 4 hours (at 50% load), the generator itself can be charged directly from the mains, from your car using a 12V adapter, or from a solar panel via the MC4 Anderson connector cable.
  • Hence, if you travel by car or have a portable solar panel (which is often a common thing for avid outdoorsmen), juicing up the generator won’t be a problem.
  • The only gripe you might have is a longer time needed to recharge the battery to the full, which takes up to 7 hours.
Key Specs
Running Wattage3100W
Noise Rating59 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity1.6 Gal

Most Popular Compact & Lightweight

Burst of Power for Short-Term Power Needs

However, even a half charge will be enough for many of your needs when away from the grid. When it comes to connectivity, this ALLPOWERS generator features as many as six types of outputs including two 12V/15A DC outputs, three fast-charging USB ports, a Type-C output, two AC sockets, and a 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Besides, it comes fitted with the QI standard technology that allows for wireless charging of QI-enabled devices. Yet, what really sets this generator model apart from many rivals in terms of controls is the app-managed control system ensuring the convenience of remote unit control. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module, you’ll have a chance to wirelessly connect to your generator via a special AiPower app available for both Android and iOS.

Additional Info
  • This way, you can constantly check the remaining battery level, output and input power, and even turn the sockets and ports on and off.
  • The app syncs with the unit like a charm and the Bluetooth provides for a solid and reliable connection.
  • To put it in a nutshell, as powerful, versatile, smart, and functional as it is, the ALLPOWERS 372Wh generator is hands down the best choice for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, or RV travelling.
  • Though claimed to be portable, many generators of this kind appear quite heavy in practice, especially those petrol power-horses.
  • And what if you need a really small and light model you’ll be able to carry in hands?
Duly Protected
  • This is where the BEAUDENS generator will come into play. At 22 x 8 x 16.8 cm dimensions and weighing only 2.2 kg (which is half of the weight of most common electric models), the unit is one of the most portable models you can find around.
Key Specs
Running Wattage6000W
Noise Rating72 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity6.6 Gal

Best Cheap 800W

Follow the Proper Start-Up and Shutdown Procedures

Despite that, it's not a flimsy thing. The robust aluminium shell makes it damage-proof and fit for both for indoor and for outdoor. The BEAUDENS generator is no slouch in terms of power as well. The 52000 mAh battery packs enough punch to power most common electric and electronic devices. With the maximum rated maximum power output of 200 watts, it can function as a huge power bank to recharge your devices or can be used to continuously run some electric appliances.

Overall, the battery capacity will be enough for about 11 smartphone charges, 7 tablet charges, and 2 or 3 full laptop charges for running the lights or some devices up to 3 hours, which are quite impressive rates for a mini generator like this. In the meantime, the generator battery offers three charging options, including AC power, car charging, or a solar panel.

Emergency Power Backup for Home Use
  • The AC adapter and car charger come included, while a solar panel can be bought optionally.
  • Fitted with AC, DC, and USB outputs, the BEAUDENS generator is good for powering and charging all sorts of devices.
  • However, the thing that's the most important when it comes to electric generators is the battery, and the BEAUDENS is good here too.
  • The unit is featured with a LiFePO4 battery, the advanced lithium iron phosphate model which is widely used in the electric bus industry and distinguished by enhanced reliability, flawless performance, excellent safety, and prolonged service life.
  • Thanks to this, you can expect it to handle up to 2,000 charge and discharge cycles and last up to 10 years, with no reduction in charging ability.
Table of contents
  • To conclude, though not a power beast, the BEAUDENS is a true winner when it comes to power-to-size ratio.
Key Specs
Running Wattage7500W
Noise Rating72 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity6.6 Gal

A word on inverter generators | Introduction

Inverter Generator

Compact size and decent power output make it a real find for campsites, emergency situations, and outbuildings or sheds with no electricity access. Besides, it's quite affordable, which makes the offering even more attractive. Looking for a pretty powerful portable generator that will be able to keep multiple electric devices running without breaking a sweat?

Yet, you are reluctant to go for gas-fueled models? If so, make sure to check the AC50S-UK portable generator from POWEROAK. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this model is an eco-friendly choice entangling no fumes or harmful emissions during use.

Check up on Oil and Fuel
  • The electric design also ensures its nearly noiseless work, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there when juicing up or powering your appliances.
  • As such, the system is safe and suitable for use both on the premises and outdoors.
  • At the same time, the AC50S-UK stands out in terms of power capacity, giving it an edge over many other similar units.
  • Packing 135200 mAh, the unit can simultaneously charge and feed multiple appliances.
  • On top of that, it has various types of outputs which makes it compatible with a variety of different devices, from common electronics to CPAP devices, drones, lights and musical instruments.
Advanced Battery
  • Just make sure you don’t exceed a 300-watt threshold. On average, the generator offers up to 5 hours of continuous runtime at 50% load, which is a pretty high rate for an electric model.
Key Specs
Running Wattage1800W
Noise Rating57 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity1 Gal

What Features to Compare

Thought-out to the Last Detail

Hence, under normal workload, you can expect it to keep a laptop or TV running for about 8 hours, maintain a mini-fridge for up to 7 hours, and suffice for up to 42 smartphone charges. Power capabilities aside, the POWEROAK AC50S-UK is thought-out to the last detail.

The unit is solidly built and features handy folding handles on the top to carry it around with ease. The carrying bag coming in the set will ensure convenient and safe generator storage when not in use or transportations to longer distances.

The Pros Keep On Coming
  • On the top of the unit, you’ll find a 10-watt wireless charging pad to quickly juice-up a compatible phone, while the LED light with an intermittent flash, which can be found next to it, may come in handy in some emergency situations.
  • Just like many other electric models, the AC50S-UK generator offers several charging options and can be powered from the grid, your car or solar charged.
  • Yet, unlike others, it comes complete with all the necessary cables and adapters including even a solar panel connector and a USB Type-C cable.
  • Although the solar panel is optional, it will become a perfect back-up charging point on sunny days.
  • All things considered, good for charging and running multiple devices at once, with no loss in power output, the POWEROAK portable generator will hit the spot anywhere you need a solid added off-grid power punch.
Power Output
  • If you live on the farm, in a country cottage, or simply have private property in the suburbs, you are not new to the problem of power outages, and a backup generator is an absolute must to settle those issues.
Key Specs
Running Wattage8000
Noise RatingN/A
Fuel Tank Capacity7.9 Gal

Key Features

A Reliable Powerhorse for Off-grid Adventures

Though you might have a stationary gas generator in your basement, a portable electric model like this one from ALLPOWERS will never be out of place as well. Packed into the durable metal casing, the model is resistant to damages and can be safely used in all sorts of environments.

On the other hand, it is pretty lightweight at 4.5 kg and is easy to move or carry around with a convenient handle on the top. With that, multiple DC and USB ports will enable you to connect different appliances and feed with power several devices at once.

With Smart Controls
  • At 78000 mAh or 288 Wh, this generator is in the mid-range in terms of power capacity, However, unlike other electric models predominantly suitable for low-power appliances, this model boasts a higher output power and can be used for devices with the input up to 500 watts.
  • Thus, apart from charging your personal electronics and keeping your lights on in case of emergency, it will also work great for some mid-power household appliances like juicers, blenders, handheld vacs, fans, air purifiers, kettles, and mini-ovens, and even for jumpstarting your car when necessary.
  • Solidly built, this ALLPOWERS generator has a quality lithium-ion battery in the core.
  • In contrast to lead-acid packs, it is more compact, hence smaller overall unit dimensions.
  • Yet, the best part of it is a consistently efficient power output and no-failure performance ensured by a special battery management system.
Key Specs
Running Wattage6500
Noise Rating72.3 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity6 Gal


Why should you buy a good portable generator?

This advanced technology lends reliable protection against short circuits and power surges. It will cut down the risk of battery damages and malfunction due to over-charging, over-power, over-discharge, over-current, high voltage, and high temperatures.

In addition, two air vents will ensure proper unit cooling, which is especially important when the generator operates at nearly peak power output. Duly protected, the generator also protects plugged-in devices from power-related damages.

What is the best kind of portable generator in the UK?
  • The Pure Sine Wave technology applied here delivers clean and stable electricity, with no power fluctuations potentially harmful for sensitive modern electronics.
  • Wrapping up, ideal for campsites, RVs, and any travel needs, the ALLPOWERS 288 Wh generator boasts a rugged design, high power output, and decent power capacity to perfectly support any off-grid living needs.
  • Nowadays, the mankind can barely exist without electricity. Every day we use scores of electrical appliances, such as a fridge, cell phone, computer, etc.
  • However, what if some accident happens and the power supply is off?
  • Some areas in the world are particularly prone to earthquakes, which means power outages are highly likely.
What are portable generators?
  • And that's why the best solution is to have a portable independent power source that will help you generate electricity and power your house.
Key Specs
Running Wattage1600W
Noise Rating53 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity1 Gal

Inverter Generators Reviews

How to choose the right portable generator?

Such power sources are called portable generators and they are used everywhere electricity is needed. As the name suggests, those models stand out for portable design and can be easily transported or carried around when needed. Basically, they are divided into gas-powered units and electric ones built around rechargeable batteries.

While petrol generators pack a lot more power to feed just about any electric device, eco-friendly electric models will best suit for lower power appliances. In the end, everything will depend on your needs. If you wish to light your yard without using electricity, get one of the solar lights from our brand-new review.

  • And if you like camping and picnics, you will certainly take advantage of a camping stove.
  • When you try to pick out the best portable generator for a home or a trip it’s important to know just a few key characteristics.
  • While the range of models available is huge, the main differences lay in these parameters.
  • First off, see whether the product you’re looking at is powered by fuel or solar energy.
  • The former ones are less environmentally friendly but they are more popular with a broader line-up of models.
  • Plus, solar portable engines are less powerful as they are a relatively new step in the technology’s evolution.
Key Specs
Running Wattage3300W
Noise Rating69 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity3.96 Gal
Expert Tip

Think About Fuel Storage

Briana Yablonski

For now, a petrol generator seems like the most viable option, so we picked out the best 5 of them that we could find. You can also search for a portable battery-powered generator. Though those are less effective for high power needs, they work excellent where true portability is needed and are the best choice for the use in RVs, camping, hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor activities and/or events.


Next up is the factor of noise. If you want a generator to keep in your yard or just for small camping parties, you’d probably require one that didn’t make much of a ruckus. This parameter is often omitted from the product descriptions but you should still check for it just in case.


Reading reviews, such as ours, also helps to find the important characteristic. Thus, unlike petrol generators driven by roaring engines, battery-powered models are usually less noisy.

Obviously, you have to take into account the power output which is what you’re buying this product for in the first place.

  • The smallest models might make around 600 W, which would be enough to sustain a microwave oven or refrigerator or, alternatively, a couple of laptops, which seem to be just as essential nowadays.
  • For higher power needs, choose one of the gas generators with power outputs ranging up to 2000 watts.
  • It’s essential to check for the number and type of the generator outputs that will determine what devices and how many appliances you’ll be able to connect.
  • DC, AC, and USB ports are a must to connect both common plugs and USB-enabled units.
  • Some modern models even offer wireless charging options for recent smartphone models.

Finally, make sure to see if the model is an inverter generator, which is safer for your electronics, makes less noise, and can give you power as you need it without operating constantly and wasting fuel.

Pure sine wave technologies applied in some models make them safe even for sensitive electronic devices.

Did you know?

Portable generators are handy backup sources of power for camping trips, electricity outages, or running electronics away from a power outlet. But even the sturdiest of them need occasional maintenance, which may be tough to do without any prior knowledge.

So here are some handy tips on what you need when working with these machines. First off, let’s do the obvious and save some time by making sure the product you’re choosing has a good warranty. The five that we’ve picked out for you have warranties of 1+ years, more than enough to make sure everything is set up and running properly.

Plus, even if something goes wrong, you can always fall back on the warranty to help you with any damage to the generator that you can’t get rid of on your own.

Next up, always remember to change oil regularly and keep some backup oil and filters on hand at all times. Just having a couple of them in storage will save you a cumbersome trip to a store if you get caught in an outage with no backup filters or oil. With a portable generator, a couple of minutes of preparation can prevent hours of unnecessary maintenance and repairs.

The next tip is twofold and both parts are important. Number one is to keep your fuel tank filled up when running it for long periods. You don’t want your generator to run out of power suddenly and leave you in the darkness, fumbling with a canister of petrol.

Number two, strangely enough, is to drain the fuel tank completely. Of course, you should drain it after you’re done with the generator and before you store it somewhere until the next emergency.

Best Budget

It is usually recommended to remove gasoline carefully, perhaps with a vacuum syphon, and then run the engine briefly until it uses up whatever little fuel is left and shuts down.

After that, it should be okay to put the engine away until later use. Also, essential to your safety, do not start refuelling a generator after you’ve just used it for hours. The engine in such a machine, like all others, tends to get quite heated. Mixing easily combustible petrol and scalding engine parts is not a great decision, especially when you’re in an extreme situation like a power outage.

Just wait for 10-15 minutes until the machine cools and proceed with refuelling. Another tip, usually advised by the manufacturers themselves, is to start the generator every month or two, just to make sure it’s running smoothly and nothing is broken or damaged.

Products with a 5-star rating

That way you will not be caught unawares when a storm takes out your electricity and you try to start the engine in the night only to get a bit of sputtering and no power. This rule is something that a lot of people seem to ignore, but this five-minute easy process is vital to keeping your generator running smoothly.

And, lastly, remember to read up on generators and pick out the model carefully. A backup source of power is not a one-second buy and, before you get something so important, you should make sure it’s up to your electricity needs and meets the safety and quality standards.

Trusted Manufacturers

Of course, we’re here to help you out and the above product guide should be of some help. Q: Why do I see two different wattage amounts in the characteristics? A: The rated wattage is how much power your generator can give you constantly and with no interruptions.

What things should be considered when selecting a new inverter generator?

This means that it should support any appliance that requires this wattage with no issues. Maximum watts are the number that the engine can give out for short periods only, like bursts of energy.

This is important for electronics that might need more power when they start up or operate at peak speeds. So, make sure to check both levels and see if they can support whatever electronics you plan to power. Q: Is it safe to use a portable generator during a power outage or a natural disaster?

A: A power outage is actually one of the main situations where you might need one but make sure you have it fueled or charged up before it happens. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or flooding may cause electricity failure, but if you’re in a safe place such as a shelter or reinforced basement, you can still use a generator as long as you protect it properly and keep it out of an enclosed space.

Do not run it inside the shelter or whatever indoor spot you’re in.

Make sure that the machine will not be damaged by the disaster or its results. Do not place it in wet areas or anywhere with a chance of debris falling. In short, exercise caution just like you would with any other appliance. Q: Is it possible to run this machine in an enclosed area like a house or an apartment? And it is actually dangerous.

These powerful little engines are designed for outdoor use so that they can take advantage of plentiful natural ventilation.

The result of a portable generator operating is exhaust that contains carbon monoxide, which is highly poisonous and could easily fill up a room to the point that it will harm your health significantly.

What to Consider for a Portable Generator for Traveling

Hundreds of people die every year from carbon monoxide, so be sure to read up on safety tips. Q: Am I required to ground my portable generator? A: You should definitely ground it for your own safety because you risk being electrocuted otherwise.

Luckily, it doesn’t require anything beyond the standard grounding regulations, and this process is not difficult at all. Just carefully follow the steps and ensure that your experience is safe. Q: I’ve picked out a generator, but it doesn’t have wheels, how important are they?

A: Well, it depends on how often you will need to move the machine. If it’s lightweight, you can probably carry it by hand with no issues, but a heavier one would likely to benefit highly from a wheel kit.

Safety Features You Should Consider

Q: I have a petrol generator, can I use any other fuel types on it? A: Most generators have a specified fuel type and, unless you want to risk damaging such an important machine and, possibly, yourself, you should not change the fuel type.

  • Consult a professional or contact the manufacturer to see if it’s possible or not.
  • Also, you can check up on other engines that can even be powered by solar panels.
  • Choosing the Best Power Generator, The Family Handyman.

Other Things to Consider

Generator Buying Guide, Consumer Reports. Portable Generator Buying Guide, Lowe's. Portable Generator Buying Guide, eBay.

November 6, 2014. Generator Safety: Using Portable Generators Safely, OSHA. Portable Generator Safety Checklist - Dos and Don'ts, The Spruce. What is the best inverter generator?

To begin with, you should opt for a model manufactured by a trusted brand. Petrol generators differ by the engine’s power output, the size of the fuel tank, and overall run time.

One of the most trustworthy brands is Briggs & Stratton Corporation, an American manufacturer of gasoline engines.

The company offers 8 models with running watts ranging from 900 to 7,000 and runtime of up to 7 hours and 24 min. Some models are made with a sturdier frame than others. This is important because the frame is where a generator is housed. Well-built frames reduce vibrations, noise and protect the unit from bumps.


Böhmer-AG, a globally recognized generator manufacturer, offers six models for camping, home, and commercial needs with an output from 1,700 to 8,000 watts. The product range of Hyundai, a well-known South Korean automotive manufacturer, includes as many as 20 petrol generators for every budget.

You can choose a multi-purpose open-frame petrol generator for under £400 or an ultra-powerful 6.6 kW model for £1,600 that can easily power fridges and heaters. The Hyundai HY3200SEi 3.2kW features a powerful 4-stroke 210cc petrol engine and can simultaneously power multiple devices.

Ideal for camping and other outdoor events, this petrol generator is compact and portable. With a weight of 35 kg, it is made with rear wheels and a front handle for easy transportation. The device offers a max output of 3200W and a fuel tank capacity of 7.8 litres.

The Eco mode allows you to reduce fuel consumption and noise. Last update on 2022-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. What is the best portable inverter generator?