Best Portable Solar Power Generators

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505Wh lithium battery: The battery in the Yeti 500X is bigger than that of most compact camping solar generators. The added capacity has two advantages: you can power appliances and lights for longer and you can also connect more devices without quickly draining the battery.

  • To give you an idea of how long you can draw from the battery, Goal Zero says the 500X can power a 25Wh portable fridge for 20 hours, a CPAP for 8 hours, and a 42” LED TV for 5 hours.
  • As for devices, you can charge a smartphone 42 times over and a DSLR camera 28 times.

The Yeto 500X is especially suitable if you often carry lots of gadgets and devices like a camera, drone, and tablet on your camping adventures.

300W AC inverter: The AC inverter has a continuous output of up to 300W with an impressive surge rating of 1200W.

This should be enough to power most camping appliances including a mini fridge, a radio, and a low-wattage hair dryer or coffee maker. Multiple outlets: Want to be able to plug in multiple devices and appliances? The Yeti 500X’s versatile outlets make that easy. In addition to the two AC outlets, it has four USB outlets for charging your devices.


These include a pair of 2.4A ports, an 18W USB-C port, and a 60W in/out USB-C PD port.

Would I Recommend the Lycan Powerbox?

You can charge multiple smartphones and devices at the same time.

Would I Recommend the AC200P?

And for all your 12V power needs, the 500X comes with a pair of 12V output ports: a 6mm, 120W port and a cigarette lighter 12V, 120W port.

Features of the Suaoki G1000

Three recharge options: Depending on your situation, you can recharge the lithium battery in one of three ways.

Q: What size solar generator should I get?

When you are out camping, hook the 500X up with a solar panel.


A 100W or 200W solar kit will do. The Yeti 500X comes with a built-in solar charge controller, so you don't need to buy another one.

When you are on the road, plug the 500X into the car cigarette lighter. You’ll need to buy the car charging cable. When you are at home, plugging the 500X into an outlet is the fastest way to charge it. The included 60W AC cable charges the Yeto 500X in 10 hours.
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Upgrade to the 120W cable to get a faster 4.5-hour charge time. Lightweight and compact: Weighing 12.9lbs, the Yeti 500X is lighter than some lower capacity solar generators. The secret is the lithium power pack, which is much lighter than other types of batteries. The 500X measures 7.5 x 11.25 x 5.8 in, so it should fit easily in your vehicle. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is not suitable for powering large appliances.
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Anything with a continuous draw over 300W will trip the solar generator. While pricier than most camping solar generators, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X is worth it especially for frequent campers. It’s high battery capacity, relatively high output, and multiple outlets also make it a great choice if you often camp as a large group (you can easily charge everyone’s devices), or carry several gadgets and appliances when you go camping.
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If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, may receive an affiliate commission. Extreme weather events like hurricanes, winter storms and wildfires are becoming a lot more common, and each disaster is another reminder that you need to be prepared for anything.
But if the last time you prepared for a disaster was during fire drills in school, you may not be sure where to begin. For starters, a designated disaster survival kit and emergency food supplies help you meet your basic needs at home for up to 72 hours, and a go-bag (a backpack or duffel with emergency supplies) can be a valuable addition in the event of evacuation orders.
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But if you’re going to be hunkering down in one spot for a long time, you might end up needing a portable generator. Today's Top Deals. The best portable generators can help you power essential household appliances in the event of long-term power outages such as those caused by hurricanes. Natural disasters aren’t the only reason to buy a generator. Whether you’re a regular camper, tailgater or you’re all about that van life, a reliable generator can help you meet your basic electricity needs.
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Your first move is to consider how much power you’ll need. Beyond that, there are several different kinds of generators that offer different features. Some options to consider include:. Standby generators. Standby, or whole-house generators, are designed to kick in as soon as you lose power. Hospitals use standby generators (very powerful ones, obviously) which kick in in a matter of seconds.
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Unsurprisingly, standby or whole-house generators are costly and require professional installation. That’s why we’ve decided to primarily focus on the best portable generators, which best suit most needs. Portable generators are frequently found on job sites and, as the name suggests, can be taken anywhere. Inverter generators are the quieter and more energy-efficient counterpart to louder portable generators.
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Inverters generate AC and then convert it DC and back to AC. It’s a more complex process, which is why they’re more expensive than most portable generators. Battery or electric generators can be suitable for basic needs, although they’re not likely to power larger appliances. © Provided by SPY portable generators. When it comes to emergency backup power, there are two numbers that you need to look at.
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One number is peak watts, which is often referred to as starting watts or surge watts. This refers to the maximum power output. Some devices require a higher boost of power to start but run at a lower level. Then there are the running watts or rated watts, which is how much power the generator can continually put out once it’s up and running.
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Usually, the number accompanying generator model numbers is the peak watt rating, which is why it’s important to always check the running watts. It’s worth noting that you should never use any gas, natural gas, diesel fuel, propane, or any other kind of fuel in an enclosed space. They can produce toxic and lethal fumes, which is why any fuel-powered portable generator should always be used outdoors.
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Solar or other battery-powered generators produce no emissions, so they’re safe for indoor use (although solar generators may not work very well indoors for reasons that should be obvious). We’ve focused on compact generators, including electric, portable and inverter generators, but we’ve also included a couple of standby options as well.
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Below, you’ll find our top three recommendations for the best portable generators. Keep reading for our full selection, which includes fuel-based generators, inverter generators, all-electric and solar generators and larger models designed to provide emergency backup power for homes.
Our previous top pick from Honda is hard to come by at the moment, but Predator’s inverter generator is a good (and economical) alternative. Predator’s inverter generator is a lightweight and quiet option for delivering mobile power.
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The noise output is 65 dB, making it about as loud as a conversation in a public place. If you realize you need more power later on, you can pair the Predator Inverter with another Predator unit using a parallel kit. It’s CARB and EPA certified to meet air quality standards. It also has a power-saver mode for greater efficiency. © Provided by SPY portable generator - Predator Inverter Generator. BEST PORTABLE GENERATOR. Westinghouse was an important company during the early days of electricity, and today the company produces tech, lighting and generators, like this gas-powered electric generator.
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It’s CARB-compliant, meaning it meets California’s rigorous air-quality standards. Its power capabilities are 7,500 running watts and 9,500 peak watts. The push-button electric starter makes it easy to get it up and running, and you can even start it remotely using the included key fob. In addition, the WGen6000 model is one of the best portable generators for sale in 2022.
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© Provided by SPY portable generator. BEST ELECTRIC GENERATOR . For an eco-friendly option that you can use in an emergency, the Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable power station supplies 2,000W of running power or 3,5000W of surge power. That means this compact unit has enough juice to run even your larger home appliances such as a refrigerator. It’s also a good option for tailgates and other outdoor events, since it runs silently, which even the quietest inverters can’t compete with.
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It can be recharged using Goal Zero’s solar panels, or you can plug it into a wall outlet or even a car’s 12V port. It weighs just over 45 pounds, so it’s not reasonably difficult to carry. © Provided by SPY Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1500X Portable Power Station, best portable generator. Inverter Generators. The best inverter generators are known for being more fuel-efficient and quiet.
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These generators rev the engine up and down based on demand rather than running constantly, which is why they are more efficient than the alternatives.

In an emergency, when you need your fuel supplies to last as long as possible, that can be a major benefit.

In general, smaller inverter generators cannot provide whole-home power, but they can keep the heat and lights operating while the rest of the neighborhood goes dark.

WORKS WITH SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS. This option from Craftsman is an inverter generator, so it’s quieter, more fuel-efficient and more portable.

And, since it’s an inverter, this generator from Craftsman also supplies “clean” electricity — that means it’s safer to use with sensitive electronics.

It has 2,200 starting watts and 1,700 running watts. The tank holds 1.2 gallons of fuel, and the auto low-fuel shutoff helps protect the unit. The Craftsman Inverter Generator is also CARB compliant, meaning it meets California’s fuel standards.

© Provided by SPY generator. FUEL EFFICIENT . In addition to the portable generator featured above, Westinghouse also makes a portable inverter generator.

The iGen2200 is fuel-efficient, quiet and can run for up to 12 hours continuously. Its running wattage is 1,800 and it peaks at 2,200. It’s also EPA and CARB compliant, meaning it meets air and efficiency standards.