Best Quality Portable Generators

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Keep the lights on during a blackout; charge your devices when there’s no power; take off on the road as a lone wolf with no need for civilization and its luxuries – there’s plenty you can do when you have the best portable generator by your side.

In this guide, we help you identify which of these top generators is best for you and your needs. Whether you need a battery-powered option to recharge on remote work trips, an inverter generator for emergencies to power appliances, or small portable generators for anything in between, there are plenty of options in our guide for you.

I lived in Texas for most of my life and spent a lot of time without power due to storms and hurricanes and a portable generator is a key way to ensure you survive those events or even remain a little more comfortable. Now, I have a camper van that I take skiing, climbing and on 2-8 day trips across the country and the PNW, and a portable power station allows me to work from anywhere and charge devices overnight while I sleep.

Without further ado, here are some of the best portable generators on the market. Find the right one for your needs and budget, and never get caught in the dark again – no matter where you are. Best For Remote Work: Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Generator. Heavy Duty: Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator.

Best For Weekend Trips: Jackery Power Station Explorer 160 Portable Generator. Most Portable: Briggs & Stratton 30545 Portable Generator. Quietest Generator: WEN Portable Generator W/ Inverter. Best For Emergencies: Sportsman GEN2000. Best For RV Use: Briggs and Stratton Portable Generator. Best Run Time: Westinghouse Portable Generator W/ Inverter. Most Budget-Friendly: ACOPOWER 150Wh Lithium-ion Portable Generator.

The GoalZero Yeti 500X proved to be the perfect mobile working companion. The diminutive size has saved precious cargo room in our tester’s Subaru, but packed enough juice to power all the electronics needed for multiple days of work as a remote editor.

It has all the necessary ports and it recharged quickly via a 12v socket in the car or at home on 110v. Our tester also replenished the Yeti 500X with a Goal Zero Nomad 100 solar panel used as a windshield shade while riding or climbing, and the charge rate seemed appropriate for the panel wattage. The GoalZero Yeti 500X never failed, glitched, or caused any issues with anything it powered over the five-month testing period. If our tester is packing a laptop or camera gear, the Yeti 500X is their default power station for the daily mobile work driver. This is one of the best portable power stations available and can supply power to recharge your cell phone 42 times, or a laptop 10 times on a single charge.

The Yeti 500X can also run a small space heater and multiple appliances to make van life a little more comfortable. Four different port options for a variety of devices. ‎Battery-powered & solar powered. Lightweight design with a large carrying handle. Whether you are running DIY projects out of your workshop, require an emergency home backup energy supply or have a trailer or RV you want to power, the WGen7500 portable generator from Westinghouse is an excellent choice for heavy-duty workloads or powering appliances.

It couldn’t be easier to operate thanks to a simple electric push-button stop-start feature which will have you back up and running in seconds. It even comes with a remote start key fob which can be operated from up to 109 yards away.

It’s easy to maintain and comes fitted with a powerful 4-stroke air-cooled engine that can run for up to 16 hours on a large 6.6-gallon fuel tank. The WGen7500 conveniently operates on both 120/240 volts and is fitted with four standard household outlets so you can quickly get all your major domestic appliances back up and running in case of an emergency.

If you are looking to invest in a premium portable generator that’s reliable, efficient, and packed with innovative features, then the WGen7500 is ideal.

With its easy transport roll bar and wheels, it can be securely moved from one location to the next. Perfect to use as a generator for RV. Push-button electric start. Up to 16 hours run time from the 6.6-gallon fuel tank. Powered by a 420 cc 4-stroke OVV engine. Automatic low oil shutdown and digital hour meter.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Cheap Portable Power Generator?

Transfer switch ready. BrandWestinghouse . Weight192 Pounds. Jackery Power Station Explorer 160 Portable Generator. When looking for small portable power banks as a power supply for my camper van, all my research had my eyes on Jackery.

What is the Best Portable Generator for The Price?

While I’ve been perusing the 200 model, the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 is an excellent small portable generator with enough juice for comfortable weekend trips. We’ve picked out the Jackery as it presents an eco-friendly clean powered solution and is ideal for folks who love to camp or spend quality time outdoors.

The Best Portable Generator

It’s small, discreet and compact, and perfect for charging a variety of popular low-powered devices such as cameras, tablets, and phones. Featuring an AC output port along with one USB-C port and two convenient USB-A ports as well as a standard DC 12V, port it’s highly practical and conveniently portable.