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Many travel trailer owners go from plug in campground to plug in campground, but many will also go into the back country where there is no power available. Without power, your batteries will drain down and eventually leave you with no heat, water, light, etc.

A good way to keep your batteries charged as well as use other items in your trailer that will require 110 volt power such as a TV and microwave is to use a generator. If you are in the northern climate, you may not need a generator that is large enough to run your a/c unit.

If you are in the south, you may want to make sure your generator can run your a/c. This is where generator wattage comes into place. Typically, 2,000 watt generators will not be large enough to run your a/c.

A 3000+ watt generator is required to take on this task. We personally have an A-iPower 2,000 watt generator. We purchased this unit as we were about to head out on a camping trip, and the weather turned colder than expected and we needed a generator to keep our batteries charged at night.

5. Champion 73536i – Best Inverter Generator for RV:

Luckly we were able to find this locally on our way to the destination. Upon unboxing, the generator looks to be put together very well for the cost. It comes with some tools, oil, and adapters. We added oil and it fired up quickly.

Which Type of Fuel Is Best for a Camping Generator?

This little generator puts out a lot of power and is able to run our charger, microwave, hot water heater, hair dryer, etc when we are on the road. (not all at the same time) We have not tried to run our a/c, but we have heard sometimes a 2,000 watt unit is able to run an a/c unit.

I don’t plan on trying to run the a/c either as we don’t want to damage anything. We have read that this unit is a clone or has parts from other more popular models as why we bought it and it was available locally where we were in need of one.

This unit has served us wonderfully since we have owned it and has been reliable. 30 Amp RV outlet with included adapter. Parallel Capable. Non Name Brand (but does this make a difference?).

1 year less of warranty. Louder than others. We like this generator as it is a more budget friendly option. We personally own this unit and have used it without problem for over a year. This generator is lightweight and small enough to fit in a compartment in the basement or in the back of your truck under a hard cover.

Who This Generator Is For. This generator is for someone who does not need to run their a/c, and wants a lightweight unit to lift in and out of their trailer or the back of their truck.

This unit is more cost effective than others, but may be a bit louder than other brands of this size. The Champion 2,000 watt is designed a bit different from the other two under the 2,000 watt section.

This is designed as if there is a support cage around it providing additional protection in case of drops or rolling around in the back of a pickup. This generator is the heaviest out of the three 2,000 watt generators on our list.

7. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT – Super Quiet Portable Generator:

Along with being the heaviest, this unit is also the largest out of the three. Parallel Capable. 3 Year Warranty. 2 20 amp outlets. No 30 Amp outlet. This unit is the only stackable unit out of the three top 2,000 watt generators.

This feature is huge if you are buying two to parallel them to power your air conditioner. This will take up less footprint than two of the other units. We like Champions longer warranty on the unit and the accessories it comes with.

Even though this is listed as the heaviest and largest, it is only heaver by 3.5 pounds from the lightest unit. Who This Generator Is For. This generator is for any RV user who wants to parallel their generators as this provides a very stable platform.

This unit also appears to be more rugged due to the “cage” built around it. We see a more avid outdoor user where this will be bumping around in the back of a pickup using this unit. The Yamaha 2,000 watt generator is one of the top models as well as the Honda 2,000 watt.

Both are very well sought out as top performers. We like the Yamaha as we have had experience with Yamaha in the past, and the Yamaha is a bit cheaper than the Honda 2,000 with about the same features.

Lightest 2,000 watt generator out of all 3. Quietest Generator on our list. 3 Year warranty. Longest Runtime out of all 3 2,000 watt generators. Parallel Capable. Does not come with 30 amp rv outlet. We like the fact that this is backed by Yamaha’s warranty and dealer service network.

Yamaha has done a great job keeping this unit quiet and efficient. This generator has many users and has good reliability reviews to back this. Who This Generator Is For. This generator is for the avid RV user who wants a reliable name brand piece of equipment with the warranty and support to back it up.

The Best Generator For RV

Yamaha provides a wonder service network of dealers around the country. This generator is the lightest on our list to make lugging it around a breeze. This generator won’t be running an a/c or multiple high draw devices at once.

The Champion 3,400 watt dual fuel generator is by far our favorite generator. This includes electric and remote start allowing you to start from the comfort of your RV in the morning to make your cup of joe.

We also like the fact that you can power this with propane so you don’t need to lug gasoline around in your truck or suv. This is perfect if you have a quick connect gas line on your travel trailer to hook it up and go on propane.

Runs on Propane. 3 Year Warranty. Free Lifetime Technical Support. May be louder than competitors. More electronic items to break. We like the fact that this unit can run on dual fuel and has remote start.

This may lead to problems down the road with electronics going out or replacing your battery in your generator, but from our experience, we have not heard about any of these problems. With the 3 year warranty, you can sleep easy knowing you are covered for the first 3 years.

However, I am disappointed with two aspects of this otherwise fantastic device. The price tag is a little higher than I’m looking to spend. A few people were also complaining about Honda’s customer service in their reviews.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in these issues, but it may be worth considering when making a final decision. However, there’s no reason to believe this model won’t perform up to a rig owner’s standards. People who aren’t worried about the cost should still consider this model without any doubt.

Our Top Pick

Who This Generator Is For. This generator is for anyone who wants to upgrade to a 3,000+ watt generator for about the same price as a nice 2,000 watt generator. This may not fit into the basement compartment of an RV, but will fit nicely under the tonneau cover in your pickup.

This generator has wheels and a nice handle system to make maneuvering this easy as it comes in at around 100 pounds. The Honda 3,000 watt generator comes backed with all of the R&D and reliability from Honda.

This specific model comes with electric start so you do not have to do the backbreaking job of pull starting a large generator. Honda has also included a 30 amp outlet on this unit to connect directly to your travel trailer with the locking connector.

Along with the 30 amp outlet, there are an additional two 20 amp outlets for other accessories. Honda Reliability. 30 Amp Connector. 3 Year Warranty. Built with metal round carrying bars. Heavy at 144 pounds. We like the fact that this unit is built with quality in mind.

Lots of parts are metal including the carrying handles. Other generators have hard plastic. This unit is built with reliability in mind and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Honda’s service network is large with many dealers carrying Honda products. Who This Generator Is For. This generator is for the user who wants a durable reliable unit that will last a long length of time.

There are many metal parts on this unit, thus the heavier weight. Honda has not included any wheels on this unit, so if you cannot lift and move 144 pounds, you may need to look in another direction. There are wheel kits that can be purchased that give you excellent maneuverability if you would like.

6. WEN 56380IPulsar G2319N – Best Electric Start Inverter Generator:

This unit looks to be the sturdiest out of all on this list. The Yamaha 3,000 watt generator has the longest runtime at 19 hours on the list. This unit has four wheels with locking casters.

Yamaha has included a 30 amp outlet as well as two 20 amp outlets for convenience. The Yamaha is one of the quietest listed on this list and comes with a 3 year warranty backed by Yamaha’s service network of nationwide dealers.

This unit is lighter than the Honda at 136 pounds, but not anywhere near the Champion at 99 pounds. Yamaha looks to have used metal as well as plastic surrounds creating a very robust generator platform.

3 Year Warranty. 30 Amp Connector. No Electric Start. No Remote Start. Heavier than the Champion. We like the fact that Yamaha is a reputable brand with service centers around the country. Yamaha has produced a solid generator and has added wheels for ease of movement. Who This Generator Is For.

This generator is for the RV user who would like to use their air conditioner as well as run other items on their unit. Yamaha has done a great job at creating a good size that will fit in many spaces.

A user who wants a reliable unit that can be fixed locally if out and about on a road trip will benefit the most from this generator as there are less parts to go wrong due to no remote or electric start. An inverter generator is basically the same as a non inverter generator.

Final Verdict:

They are both gasoline engines that run an alternator to provide electrical current. The difference with an inverter generator is it uses capacitors and a rectifier to smooth out power to provide cleaner electricity. No electricity is purely clean, so it is always recommended to use a surge protector no matter what you are connected to.

Yes, you will need an inverter generator if you are looking to power your RV. Typically inverter generators are quieter than non inverter to not disturb neighbors as well as many campgrounds ban loud generators.

Along with being quiet, an inverter generator provides cleaner power than a non inverter generator. The electrical system in your travel trailer is fragile and requires clean power. The size of generator that you will need depends on how many items you plan to run off of it.

If you want to run your air conditioner, you can rule out the use of a 2,000 watt generator unless you buy two and run in parallel. Even if you have a 3,000+ watt generator, you may not be able to run your air conditioner based on what other items are being ran in your travel trailer.

A 2,000 watt generator can run most items in your trailer, even at the same time. You will find that you cannot run two high power devices at the same time such as a microwave and a hairdryer, or a electric hot water heater.

Depending on your microwave, the unit may draw 1,100 watts, and if you have a 1,500 watt hair dryer, you are over your wattage. Even running a 1,100 watt microwave may be a task for a 2,000 watt generator as when your generator is running it is charging your batteries, running your lights, your heater, and other items.

You may find that items within your trailer may need to be turned off when running high power devices such as a hairdryer, water heater, or microwave on a 2,000 watt generator.

8. BRIGGS & STRATTON P4500 – Electric Start Inverter Generator:

For basic living when not running high draw devices, a 2,000 watt generator is perfect as it can keep your batteries charged and run all other devices without taxing the load. A 3,000+ watt generator will allow you to run more devices at the same time without worrying about an overload.

The only downside is that these generators typically use more fuel, and hare about twice or three times as heavy as the 2,000 watt generators. Always think about where you will be storing your generator when traveling.

We store ours in our front compartment, where a larger unit may not fit. If you have the bed of your truck empty, that is a good spot for a generator to live as it is out of the way and you can run it from within your bed so you don’t have to lift 100+ pounds down on the ground.

A 2,000 watt generator is typically smaller than a 3,000 watt. Along with being smaller, they hold less gas as they are more efficient. With being smaller and holding less gas, this will be lighter, require less storage space, and require less gas trucked around in your tow vehicle to power your generator.

Yes, a 3,000+ watt generator generally will run your air conditioner if there is not much else drawing power. If you are running your a/c, you probably will not be able to run a microwave, hair dryer, or hot water tank electric heater.

As you may have found out by now, when on generator power you will have to do the jumble of knowing what takes power and switching items on and off as to not overload your generator unit. If you do overload your generator, it will require a restart, or just a push button circuit breaker to reset.

If you have a 2,000 watt generator, chances are that you can buy another and run in parallel in order to provide 4,000 watts to your trailer to power air conditioning or other items at once.

Best Generator For RV Buying Guide & FAQ

Larger 3,000+ watt generators can also be ran in parallel to provide power for a 50 amp trailer. In our case, we would rather buy one larger generator as to not have to care for and store two, but if someone cannot lift 100-150 pounds, their only option would be to buy two 50 pound 2,000 watt generators as they are easier to handle.

Many generators can be paralleled with other brands, so check out this option before you buy two different brands to make sure they are compatible. We like the Champions 2,000 watt model for running in parallel as they can stack.

No matter what generator you buy, you will be happy with the ability to have power while away from plugins. Most people don’t run generators 24/7 and only need them to provide a charge or run a specific device for a few minutes such as coffee maker, microwave or tv.

Runtime may not matter as much as you just fill the tank up with more gas and you are set. Usually we carry around a 5 gallon tank about half full to provide our generator with the necessary fuel and that amount can last us several days running about 4 hours per day.

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It is because it lets you and your companions enjoy the time you spent on the road while having peace of mind that you will not lose power. The best generator for travel trailer and RV is actually that, which can supply power to all the accessories and appliances present in your motorhome or caravan.

This is the main reason why it is more expensive when you compare it to the portable generators that you normally see being used as emergency backups and during outdoor events.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Generator

However, with the numerous options for RV generators introduced to RV owners, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed and having a difficult time making a choice. Let us help simplify the whole process of selecting the best portable generator for RV camping for you with our informative reviews and buying guide.

Table of Contents. List of Top-Rated RV Generator Reviews. If you are looking for the best small portable generators for camping that’s introduced to you then I highly suggest considering the Honda EU2200i.

It is one of the most popular Honda onboard RV generators today, and I think that is because of several good reasons. One big reason for its popularity is the fact that it is highly versatile in the sense that it operates a wide range of appliances.

With such versatility, it is ideal for portable use whether it is on your RV, during your camping, on a job site, or at home. I found out that is mainly designed to give users a constant supply of reliable power.

I am pleased to inform potential users that this generator is also one of the quietest units you can find today. It only runs at around 48-57 dBA, which makes it totally quiet. With such minimal noise level, it is indeed ideal for your camping needs.

The quiet operation it guarantees makes it perfect for supplemental RV power. One of the benefits that you will surely enjoy from this unit is its excellent fuel efficiency – that is made possible with the eco-throttle system, which is installed in it.

It allows it to run at 4 to 9.6 hours using just a single tank. With that, expect it to work well for long-time applications and overnight power. The fact that this unit uses the inverter technology also ensures that it supplies clean and stable power in a light and small package.

9. Westinghouse iGen4200 – Best 4200-watt Generator:

However, remember that it is quite expensive but I think its overall quality and performance make it worth its price. Highly versatile as it suits various appliances and applications.

Portable and easy to use. One of the quietest generators available today. Good fuel efficiency – thanks to the use of an eco-throttle system. Supplies a clean and stable power. Another dependable portable inverter generator that I can recommend for those who are searching for a unit that they can use in their RV is the Westinghouse iGen2500.

One thing that is immediately noticeable in this unit is that it is well-designed. It is also light enough that taking it anywhere will never be an issue. It is constructed to have a compact and lightweight design while featuring a built-in carry handle, which promotes ease when it comes to transporting it.

I am also pleased with its ability to supply power to even the most sensitive electronics, like laptops and cellphones, in a safe manner. Another remarkable advantage of this popular inverter generator from Westinghouse is that it is fuel-efficiency.

It boasts of its enhanced fuel-efficiency. In fact, you can expect it to be around 30 to 50 percent more fuel-efficient when you compare it to traditional generators. The 1-gallon fuel tank of this unit can even run for a max of 10 hours when operating at a 25 percent load.

The quiet operation of this RV generator is also one thing that makes it truly distinctive and popular. It makes use of an acoustic enclosure with double insulation. Furthermore, it also comes with low-tone mufflers designed to minimize the operating noise of the unit.


It is also designed in such a way that it adjusts its engine speed automatically to ensure that it only provides the required amount of power you need. It is also safe for use in forests and parks – thanks to its built-in spark arrestor.

One minor issue, though, is that it is slightly difficult to access its oil reservoir as it usually requires you to remove the cover of the engine. Guaranteed to be light and compact. Promotes a quiet operation. Comes with an enhanced fuel-efficiency.

Safe for use in forests and parks because of its spark arrestor. Only supplies the specific amount of power you need. If you wish to invest in the top-rated RV-ready generator then the Champion 3800-watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is perfect for you.

One of the things I genuinely like about this portable generator is its portability. It is portable enough that you will never have a difficult time bringing it in your RV travels. Aside from its portability, you will also notice that this generator provides a whopping 4,750-starting watt.

I am also pleased to say that its 3,800 running watts make it possible for you to let the generator run for a max of 9 hours when on the tank is full of gas. If using a 20-lb. propane then expect its runtime to increase to ten and a half hours.

Another thing that I am so impressed with in this unit is that it runs using a dual fuel. This means that it gives you the opportunity of running it by using either propane or gas.

The battery that comes with the generator is also a big advantage as it promotes easy touch start. You just need to use its push-button electric start that features an internal battery charger capable of charging your battery while the generator operates.

List of Top-Rated RV Generator Reviews

I am also pleased with the volt guard integrated into the generator. This serves as a surge protector, which is integrated into the generator’s panel to prevent sudden spikes or surge in voltage.

The result is that there is a lower risk of the generator harming your devices and electronics. One complaint about the unit is that it is a bit loud, especially if in a 10 to 15 feet distance. Guaranteed to be portable, promoting ease of travels.

Can run for a maximum of 9 hours to 10 and ½ hours. Allows you to choose between propane and gas as fuel. Promotes an easy touch start. Prevents spikes or surge in voltage, thereby preventing possible damage to your devices.

I would also like to recommend the Westinghouse WGen2000 Portable Generator. I am impressed with this portable generator because it is full of several premium and innovative features while being offered at an unbeatable and competitive price.

It can supply up to 2,500-watts peak power and 2,000-watt rated power. Such makes it ideal not only for camping and tailgating but also as a backup during emergencies at home.

Westinghouse WGen2000 does not also seem to disappoint as far as its overall construction is concerned. It has a tough and robust construction. It even takes pride in its 4-stroke engine with cast iron sleeves.

This makes it tough and long-lasting. The open-frame body design of this generator also holds the 4-point motor, which makes it possible for you to mount it securely in a safe position.


It can also lead to the quiet and smooth operation of the generator each time you decide to run it. One more benefit of the generator is that it is extremely fuel-efficient. It only utilizes a low amount of fuel for a long period, making it possible for you to enjoy during your trip.

Furthermore, it boasts of its portability. It is popular for its compact and highly portable design, making it much easier to manage. Another remarkable advantage of the generator is that it contains safety and protective features, including the overload and rubber protection.

As for the drawback, one thing I noticed is that its paint is prone to flaking and bubbling up after being used for an extremely long time. Offered at a reasonable price. Ideal for camping, tailgating, and backup emergencies. Tough and robust construction guaranteed, making it long-lasting.

Easy to mount securely. High level of fuel-efficiency. The A-iPower SUA2000iV is one of the top-rated portable generators on the market because of its raw power delivery, extended runtimes, and electrical versatility. I love this inverter generator for RV because of its two-kilowatt starting power that slowly whittles down to a steady 1,600 watts.

Its advanced inverter technology ensures safer use with power-sensitive electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions. Although it only uses 1.1 gallons of petrol, RV owners can enjoy up to seven hours of clean and raw power from this generator at 50% of its load.

Increasing the machine’s electrical load to 100% can still return a decent four-hour operation. That is a lot better than the three hours of other brands. I am also glad this generator is not as loud as the others. The marketing information says this product emits only 52 decibels, similar to the noise of an electric fan or a hairdryer.

1. WEN 56125i – Best CARB Compliant Inverter Generator:

Kids will have a more peaceful sleep in their RVs without the annoying noise of a machine producing electricity for them. I also like this generator’s electrical outlets. One can charge USB devices through this generator’s 5-volt port or plug an electric appliance on the NEMA 120VAC 20A outlet.

People who need an RV generator 30 amp unit can plug their devices into this product’s NEMA 120VAC 30A L5-30R outlet. Weighing 46 pounds with a 22x20x13-inch form factor, bringing this generator up the mountains and anywhere will never break the back.

Unfortunately, starting this generator can be a hassle because there is no electric ignition. It also does not have a carbon monoxide sensor for improved safety while sleeping.

Nevertheless, I recommend this generator to any RV owner who wants a reliable system for their boondocking and RVing adventures. It is an exceptionally powerful device that can handle power generation needs outside RVing. Delivers 2,000 watts with advanced inverter technology for safer operation.

Four-hour runtime at 100% capacity and seven hours at 50%. Ultra-quiet operation. Multiple electrical outlets for optimum versatility. Lightweight and compact for portabilit. RV owners looking for a reliable generator for camper trailer, motorhome, or fifth wheel should consider the Generac 7129 GP3000i.

Not only is this a dependable device for boondocking, but it can also be an excellent source of temporary power in emergencies. I like this generator’s PowerRush technology, delivering up to 50% more starting capacity than other portable inverter generators.

It also safeguards sensitive devices and electric appliances. People will never worry about blowing up their cellphones, laptops, TVs, and other gadgets.

Why You Should Invest in an RV Generator

This generator’s 3,000-watt starting power is incredible, capable of running a 14,000-BTU air conditioner without hiccups. Some RV owners also operate their refrigerators and ovens using this generator without issues.

I love its multiple electrical outlets, including two 20A duplex ports, two USB ports, and a 30A outlet. One can plug a shop vac, laptop, lamp, fan, refrigerator, and oven simultaneously. I can only imagine how many more devices I could run with an RV generator 50 amp model.

I also appreciate its simple control dial, making operation straightforward and hassle-free. The knob integrates three fundamental functions – start, stop and choke – simplifying the process.

My absolute favorite about this inverter generator is its noise level. Although I did not find any information about this generator’s decibel rating, real-world experience tells me it is quieter than other brands.

Some users say it produces a humming sound with an intensity lower than a pancake compressor. It is difficult to fault this RV generator because it is that awesome. However, I find its 59-pound weight a little heavier than others.

Regardless, this portable generator is a wise investment for all RV owners. Not only does it deliver exceptional power to devices, gadgets, and appliances. This generator does it safely, too. Intelligent PowerRush technology for enhanced starting capacity.

Provides 3,000 watts of clean electricity for different RV appliances. Multiple outlets, including 20A duplex ports, USB ports, and a 30A outlet. Multi-function dial for more convenient operation. Safe for sensitive devices like phones and laptops.

2,000 Watt Generators

Not as noisy as other brands. The Briggs & Stratton P2400 PowerSmart Series offers consistent, clean, safe, and quiet portable power that is great for tailgating, camping, and boondocking. It has an exceptional power-generating capability that might pass for an RV generator for high altitude.

I must credit the company for devising an ingenious generator capable of delivering 1,800 watts of continuous power on the go.

Its starting capacity of 2,400 watts is also commendable, allowing RV owners to enjoy an unparalleled performance for their power-hungry appliances.

My favorite is the generator’s advanced carbon monoxide sensor. It automatically shuts down the system if it senses carbon monoxide in the air. People do not have to worry about installing a carbon monoxide detector in their RV because this device already has one.

I know I will sleep soundly, knowing CO will never get into my lungs. Notably, the generator also alerts people to system overloading and low oil levels. There is no need to second-guess if it is time for an oil refill because this generator covers it.

I admire this generator’s sound-proof casing. It keeps the motor running silently in the background, never disturbing one’s remote work responsibilities. I do not have the exact decibel figures, but I can say this RV generator quiet operation is better than other brands.

Its 20.04×17.36×12.24-inch form factor also contributes to its portability. I will never tire of carrying this 50-pound generator wherever I go. My only lament is its power outlets, which can only run three appliances or gadgets simultaneously.

The good news is that this generator comes with a parallel port for connecting another generator.

This portable generator is worth getting for an RV. It delivers clean and safe electricity wherever one might be. Its CO sensor is its valuable asset, safeguarding people inside the RV. Delivers 1,800 watts of clean and safe electricity.

Great for tailgating, high altitude, and more. Ingenious CO Guard for safety. Alerts users to overloads and low oil level. Advanced noise-reducing shell construction for quieter operation. Compact and lightweight, with parallel port.

Another portable inverter generator that I am pleased to recommend is the WEN 56200i. I consider it a lightweight and compact generator, which is easy to install and store in your vehicle.

I find its decibel rating impressive and competitive, too, as it is only around 51dB. With that, I am sure that it works quietly. Another advantage of this portable inverter generator is that it is capable of maximizing fuel economy – thanks to the 2,000-watt eco-mode of this generator.

Such setting gives full control to the generator so it can adjust its total consumption of fuel based on how the duration and intensity of use.

In other words, you no longer have to worry about excessive energy wastage regardless of the application where you use it to. I also noticed that it is one of the most convenient and easiest to manage generators in the market.

It is primarily because of its carrying handle, which is easy to grip. One more advantage of this best built-in RV generator option is that it is created in such a way that it can mirror a total harmonic distortion’s pure sine wave to below 3% without load and below 1.2% at full load.

The result is a safer, more efficient, and cleaner machine for even the most vulnerable recreational vehicles. The fact that it supplies clean power also promotes a safe operation while also preventing possible damage to sensitive electronics, like tablets, computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

One possible drawback of this inverter generator is that its internal parts and components are not as high in quality as the other generators today. Boasts of a 51-decibel rating, promoting quiet operation.

Can maximize fuel economy. Comes with a carrying handle, which is easy to grip. Lowers risk of wasting excessive amounts of energy.

Supplies clean power that can prevent damage to sensitive electronics.

Internal components are lower in quality than the ones used in other generators. This list of the high quality RV generator products will not also be complete if I do not include the DuroStar DS4000S Gas-powered Portable Generator.

One thing that I think anyone will instantly notice from this portable generator is its heavy-duty steel frame. Such showcases the durability of the generator. The mentioned frame can also help in ensuring that the generator will operate smoothly and quietly because it also comes with 4-point completely isolated motor mounts.

It also features a totally quiet muffler, which is a big help in reducing the noise of the engine. This ensures that you and the people around the campground won’t be disturbed. I am also pleased to say that this conventional, portable generator is capable of using unleaded gas while also having a fuel tank with a 4-gallon capacity.

With this capacity, it is possible for you to enjoy a total runtime of up to 8 hours, provided the unit runs at a 50 percent load. I am sure that you will also feel satisfied with the versatility of this portable generator as it is useful in a wide range of applications.

You can use it not only in your recreational vehicle or travel trailer but also for camping and sporting events.

It is even useful in job sites as well as a backup power in your household. In addition, it takes pride in its full power panel, which features the main controls, such as the circuit breaker, voltmeter, and start switch, as well as show an oil warning light.

One major issue is that it is not appropriate to be installed in an inclined angle as it might cause the oil to spew slowly through the unit’s air filter while in operation.

Operates smoothly and quietly. Comes with a heavy-duty steel frame, which improves the durability of the unit. Provides a total runtime of 8 hours, which is already long enough.

Equipped with a full power panel featuring the main controls. Versatile as you can use it in numerous applications.

Another impressive portable generator that I urge you to include in your list of options is the DuroMax XP4400E.

One remarkable benefit of this unit is that it can supply power to a number of things that require it, including recreational vehicles. It is also useful during emergencies. It boasts of its 3,500 rated output with a maximum output of 4,400 watts.

This is more than enough to provide full power to a small house. I am also glad that it has the ability to supply continuous power up to 8 hours when you let it handle a 50 percent load. This generator can also be expected to run quietly because of its built-in muffler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can also take advantage of the unit’s wheel kit, which also comes with its own front handle. Such guarantees ease when you are transporting the unit. It is equipped with a full power panel, too, which shows its power outlet, circuit breaker, voltmeter, and engine shutoff switch, making the unit easier to control and monitor.

Buying Guide-Best Inverter Generator for the Money

The portable generator’s engine can also be protected with the aid of its low-oil shutoff feature. With the idle control of this portable generator, you also have an assurance that it is capable of holding the rpm at a stable and constant level even when it is operating at a heavy load.

The result is significant noise reduction and fuel savings. I can also assure potential users of the durability of the generator with its solid and heavy-duty frame. The problem is that the instructions on proper setup and installation that come with it appear to be poorly made.

Works for RVs and during emergencies. Can supply continuous power for a max of 8 hours. Runs quietly – thanks to its built-in muffler. Guarantees significant noise reduction and fuel savings. Guaranteed to be durable with the help of its solid and heavy-duty frame.

Lastly, I would like to suggest using the 4000-watt open frame inverter generator offered by Champion. One of the most remarkable benefits of this inverter generator is that it operates 50 percent quieter while also being 10 percent lighter when you compare it to traditional generators.

Other Important Factors to Consider

I think that such benefit can be attributed to the unit’s highly advanced open-frame inverter generator design. With the built-in economy setting of this generator, you are also assured of its ability to save on fuel while prolonging the life of its engine.

You can also expect it to operate with its quiet technology, giving you peace of mind and comfort.

With such technology, I can assure you that it is indeed effective for recreational vehicles and for your home’s backup and for tailgating. I am also impressed with its up to 17-hour runtime thanks to its 3500 running watts.

Another great advantage of the generator is that it supplies clean electricity. This is a good thing if you have sensitive electronics inside your RV as such ensures that they will not be harmed nor damaged.

I am also glad that this unit is designed to be parallel-ready. This means that you can further increase its output by connecting two 2,800-watt units. One drawback, though, is that its wheel attachment needs to be purchased separately and comes at a slightly high cost.

Quieter and lighter than other traditional generators. Features an economy setting to save fuel and prolong the engine’s life.

Supplies clean electricity to protect your sensitive electronics.

Parallel-ready, making it capable of further increasing its power output. Boasts of its highly advanced open-frame design. The wheel attachment needs to be purchased separately. Another onboard RV generator, which can be categorized as the inverter type, is this 3,10o-watt portable and inverter unit from Champion.

One thing I am really pleased about in this unit is the fact that it is RV-ready. This means that you do not need to deal with any complications making it work in your vehicle. You can install it right away.

Another thing that leaves a positive impression on me is the ultra-quiet operation of the unit. It operates at 58 decibels, which is quiet enough that it works well for your recreational vehicle and for tailgating and as backup power in the household.

It also supplies more than enough power with the help of its 3,100 starting watts. In addition, it takes pride in its 2,800 running watts, which is guaranteed to provide you with up to an 8-hour run time. I am also happy that this unit comes with a quick-touch panel as I find it useful in accessing all controls in a single spot.

The safe design and construction of this unit also feature a shut-off sensor just in case there is a low supply of oil, thereby guaranteeing safety.

With the smart economy mode of this unit, I am also pretty sure that it is capable of significantly reducing electrical load.

This results in a quiet operation, better fuel economy, and long engine life. It also supplies clean power designed to keep your sensitive electronics safe. However, be aware of its main drawback, which is the fact that it is heavier than other generators for RVs today.

Known to be RV-ready, making it easy to install. Boasts of its ultra-quiet operation. Supplies more than enough power to run your onboard appliances. Comes with a quick-touch control panel. Can reduce electrical load significantly, thanks to its smart economy mode.

Another RV-ready generator from Champion is this 3,500-watt portable unit. Aside from being an excellent addition to your vehicle, I find this portable generator cost-effective when used as a solution for emergency situations, like in those instances where there are power outages.

I am satisfied with this generator as it is also known to be travel-ready – thanks to the standard 30A RV outlet that is built into it. Such outlet comes with adequate power designed to start and operate an air conditioning unit in your RV, which runs at 15,000 BTU.

Conventional Vs. Inverter Generators

I am also glad that this RV generator promotes easy starts during the cold weather. It is all thanks to the reliable electric start of the unit, which also features a 3-way ignition switch and a cold start technology.

It also takes pride in its wireless remote start, which promotes ease when it comes to starting and stopping even if you are 80 feet away. This portable generator is also quiet enough. It also takes pride in its up to 12-hour run time provided its tank is full and you use it at 50 percent load.

I can also assure most of the users of this unit that it can protect your electronics and appliances from voltage spikes with the aid of the volt guard, which is a surge protector.

The portability of this generator is also one of its strongest points. It even comes with a sturdy steel frame featuring an easy to manage folding handle for ease of transportation and maneuvering. One main flaw of the generator is on its gas tank, which is quite challenging to fill up as it seems to be capable of handling only a small flow of gas at a time.

Highly portable and cost-effective. Travel-ready, thanks to its built-in 30A RV outlet. Promotes easy starts during the cold weather. Can protect your electronics and appliances from voltage spikes.

Best Generator For RV FAQ:

Easy to maneuver and transport. Now that you know some RV generators that are worthwhile to incorporate into your list of options, it is time to further understand how you can select the most appropriate one for your requirements.

Your chances of finding the perfect RV generator will actually grow exponentially if you make your choice based on these factors and guidelines:. Power Output – One vital factor that you should constantly remind yourself of when searching for the most trusted generator for camping trailer and RVs is the size and its power output.

Top 6 Travel Trailer Inverter Generator Reviews

Your goal is to find the right size of generator – one that is not so bulky that it will already consume too much space in your vehicle while still providing enough power. Make sure that it can supply more than enough power so all your electronics will operate without having to drain your available gas supply completely.

Features to Look for in a Generator for RV

Such is crucial especially for newer recreational vehicles that often have the majority of luxuries often present in households. One of the most crucial stages in your search for a reliable generator for your recreational vehicle, therefore, is to estimate the amount of power you will most likely need.

3. Pulsar PG2000iSN – Best Inverter Generator for Apartment:

For instance, if you need to run a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit, then a 2,000-watt unit is not the best generator for RV air conditioner designed for you. In this case, it would be much more helpful to let multiple generators run in parallel or choose to invest in a larger generator.

2. Honda EU2200IC – Best Inverter Generator for Home Use:

Portability – It is also necessary to decide on the portability of the generator. It would even be much better if you decide whether you will need a portable or a permanent unit.

The portable one is, of course, that, which you can easily move from one place to another. The permanent one, on the other hand, is that you need to attach to your vehicle all the time.

Most RV owners actually prefer to buy the portable generator because of its versatility. Aside from providing power to the essentials in your travel trailer or recreational vehicle, it is also useful for tailgating or during power outages.

Most popular brands of the trusted portable RV generator today also provide a parallel capability, making it possible for two units to operate together, supplying two times as much power. This is what the majority of RV owners do to produce adequate power in running their air conditioners in case they choose the portable source of power.

The permanent or onboard applications, on the other hand, are usually more common in Fifth wheels and Class A. It is mainly because these applications are ideal for permanent or long-term usage.

4. WESTINGHOUSE IGEN2600 – Gas Powered Inverter Generator:

The noise level – Another vital aspect in an RV generator that you have to scrutinize carefully is its noise level. The level of noise that the generator produces when it operates should also have a say on your final buying decision.

Determine if you can tolerate the thumping sounds of some generators, especially when you sleep at night. Fortunately, it is now easy to find the quietest generator for RV camping. It is primarily because some manufacturers already make it a point to produce low-noise generators camping units.

3,000+ Watt Generators

This makes the units more capable of running quietly. Such reduces the risk of annoying nearby neighbors and campers with the sound produced by your unit. In addition, remind yourself that most national parks and private campgrounds actually have limitations on noise.

9 Best Inverter Generator for the Money Comparison Table:

In most cases, the limit is only up to 60 decibels at a 50-feet distance. With that in mind, it is really a must to find a quiet camping generator, one that won’t disturb you, your loved ones, and your neighbors and other campers.

Generator Question Guide

Fuel consumption – The fuel consumption of the generator is also one essential factor to take into full consideration. In this case, you have to figure out how often you will be needing to add fuel to the generator.


Remember that you do not want to use a generator, which requires you to travel a long distance for fuel. That especially holds true if you are planning to go somewhere, which is far from the town over the weekend. You can find RV generators that provide an eco-mode feature.

This actually throttles depending on the demand on power. Also, take note that open-frame generators tend to burn fuel significantly faster than portable ones. It is mainly because the open-frame ones operate using consistently high-power output rates, thereby consuming more fuel.

In this case, it would be more economical to invest in two portable units that run in parallel. Overall construction – What you should be looking for, in this case, is the compactness of the overall construction of the generator.

In other words, it should be less bulky and should be lightweight while still having superior sturdiness. The ideal RV generator is one, which has a compact and reasonable size. It should not also be too heavy so you will not have a difficult time transporting it.

Champion 2,000 Watt

Your goal is to find an RV generator constructed in such a way that you can easily manage it. Despite its ease of manageability, it should still be able to meet your RV’s minimum wattage requirements. What is an RV Generator?

An RV generator plays a major role in making your life on the road even more comfortable. Remember that it would be impossible for you to camp in a recreational vehicle park, which features full and complete utility hookups.

You will encounter those situations wherein you can’t fully depend on shore power for all the comforts you need on the road.

In this case, your RV generator will serve as your best friend as it works as a dependable power source.