Best Small Generators For Camping

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Caravan & Camping Products , Caravan & Camping Solar. If you enjoy travelling light, solar blankets are a great way to get all the power you need.

Solar blankets are made up of solar cells attached to a flexible cloth backing, which provides flexibility and convenience. We take a look at the best options on the market and what you need to know to power your next camping trip:.

You can also check out our Solar Power Calculator Page to help you size the correct amount of solar for your particular camping / caravanning needs.

Solar blankets are really easy to set-up and even easier to pack-up and store. Drape it over your trailer, hang it off the side of the awning or spread it out across the ground to start soaking up those rays.

Then when it’s time to find your next camping spot, fold up the blanket and pack it away – a lightweight design saves space and weight in crowded vehicles.

No need to struggle with heavy solar panels, while they are still designed to be tough and durable. The biggest drawback is the price-tag. Solar blankets can be expensive compared to solar panels, but it could be a small price to pay for convenience!

We have all seen the cheap mass produced solar blankets on the market and know how tempting it can be to choose this over a higher priced model.

Here at My Generator we have a history of supporting premium power products and feel it is our duty to educate customers prior to making an important purchasing decision.

So why shouldn’t you purchase a cheap mass produced solar blanket?

These models are comprised of the cheapest components available. Warranty period is often only 12 months. After sales service can be a challenge when fault finding.