Best Stoner Cartoons

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The vivid, imaginative and allegorical world of cartoons is always amplified by Mary Jane. Every stoner knows the classics; Rick and Morty, Futurama, South Park, Family Guy…and while these are all fantastic mainstays of 420 culture, there is a whole lot more to discover. Read on to find out the best trippy stoner cartoons to watch blazed.

8) Dopey

Photo: Openclipart. Describing Adventure Time without using the word “trippy” is a challenge. While it does have a psychedelic backdrop and absurdist storylines, the true brilliance of the show shines in the moments which resemble reality, and this is usually most apparent in their popular culture references.

Top 12 Best Classic Stoner Cartoons

It’s not hard to see why the show has a hardcore cult following as the more episodes you watch, the more you absorbed you become. Watching the show is like gradually entering the nonsensical world of Jake and Finn and where you feel a part of the side splitting inside jokes. For further adventures into the surreal, look no further than Adult Swim’s own Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Laws of reason and logic play no role in this animated world, with a talking cup and a hovering fry carton with facial hair for central characters.

9) Ren and Stimpy

While it’s difficult to pigeonhole this animation into a genre, it certainly fulfills the brief for trippy stoner cartoon. Light up, sit back and soak it all in is the best advice with this one. The Boondocks follows the curmudgeonly grandfather Robert Freeman who is legal guardian to his 8 and 10 year old grandsons. Moving the family to the quiet suburbs, Freeman hopes for a peaceful retirement.

3) Towlie

Unfortunately, his meddlesome grandkids have other plans. The family dynamics plus the hilarious situational comedy make this Adult Swim feature a brilliant 420 watch. Space Ghost follows a retired superhero who hosts his own talk show. This old-school cartoon manages to pack in a lot for an animated comedy, poking fun at the world’s obsession with superheroes, critiquing the world of celebrity, and deconstructing and humanising aspects of popular culture.

Our Favorite Stoner Cartoons

It achieves all this while being wickedly funny and far more entertaining than any real life current day talk shows. Rocko is a wallaby who moved over to the States from his native Australia. However, chasing the American dream hasn’t quite worked out for him, and domestic chores plus irksome neighbours interfere with his pursuit of a peaceful life.

Fortunately, he has his bovine buddy, Heffer, and canine chum Spunky to help him work through his issues.

This quirky and trippy stoner cartoon follows the lives of blue cat Gumball Watterson and his goldfish best friend and adoptive brother, Darwin, as they both attend the same Californian middle school.

Top 10 Trippy Stoner Cartoons