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FLV Downloader is a free flash video downloader and converter that can turn flash files into easy-to-read formats.

  1. The freeware is only available for Microsoft Windows PC and mobile devices.

    Convert videos in the UI

    FLV files are also known as flash video files. Popular online video websites like Vimeo and YouTube use flash video formats for their media.

  2. Downloaded content from video sites is automatically formatted into FLV files.

    Free YouTube downloader and converter

    If you need to play a video that is sourced from a video-sharing site in a classic media player, then you may need to download and convert the data from an FLV file into another file format.

  3. FLV Downloader lets you download videos from websites to convert FLV files into different formats: AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP3, MP4, WMV, 3GP, etc.

    What is the best free downloader?

    After you download FLV Downloader, you can open the video converter to become acquainted with the convenient user interface. You can get the free download of the FLV Converter or opt for the paid version that offers additional features like converting multiple files simultaneously, email support, etc.

  4. While the Plus edition boasts the best features, the free version still performs the necessary functions: download, convert, play, etc.

    How do I download FLV?

    You do not need a subscription with the basic download. FLV Downloader has an intuitive user interface with a clean appearance.

  5. In the top portion of the UI beneath the ‘FLV Downloader’ logo, you can find three important tabs: ‘Download’, ‘Convert’, and ‘Tasks’.

    All-in-one media player and downloader

    You can choose between the ‘Download from Link’ and ‘Download from Page Source’ buttons. The default ‘Download’ screen has four options: ‘Video link’, ‘Download in quality’, ‘Convert to format’, and ‘Save to folder’.

  6. The first action item lets you paste the copied YouTube URL link into the bar.

    Free all-purpose video converter, player, and editor

    From the dropdown menu next to ‘Download in quality’, you can choose the preferred resolution: high quality, standard definition, low quality, medium quality, HD 720, etc.

  7. The choice will determine the number of pixels that the visuals have after they are converted.

    A reliable BitTorrent client

    ‘Convert to format’ is an optional step. In the format line, you can decide which file type to convert the .FLV to MP4, etc.

  8. There is an ‘Advanced’ button available to browse. Next to ‘Save to folder’, you can choose the specific folder to save the media to by expanding the dropdown menu or searching for the location within the browser.

    Save Youtube Videos and Songs for Free

    If you press on the ‘Download Now’ icon, then you will be immediately transferred to the ‘Task’ screen where you can monitor the progress of the download.

  9. The video thumbnail, link, length, size, and download status will be visible.

    A great way to download videos on your PC!

    You can add files and paste a link by pressing the plus sign buttons in the command line. There are more accessible functions to the right of the icon bar.

  10. The time needed to download the media will vary depending on the size of the link.

    Download Videos Quickly with Video Downloader Professional

    You can browse for the desired file in the ‘Source file’ line. The ‘Convert to format’ section lets you choose a preferred format and alter the clip by cutting the audio and video and adjusting the volume.

  11. To cut the visual and sound aspects of the media, you can type the exact start and end times. The volume can be changed by dragging and dropping the lever on the line.

    Download YouTube Videos & Play Them

    There is either the option to convert the content now or later. Freemake Video Converter, YTD Video Downloader, and 4K Video Downloader are comparable applications that download and convert media files.

  12. Along with FLV Downloader, YTD and 4K both download and convert internet videos within a single app.

    One-Click Video Downloading

    FLV Downloader and YTD Video Downloader have similar user interfaces. 4K Video Downloader has the most appealing UI. All of the apps mentioned earlier let you download full playlists.

  13. You can save videos from DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. FLV video downloader is a safe freeware program that runs on Microsoft Windows PCs and mobile devices.

    Downloader for YouTube ++ (Unofficial)­

    You can extract the entire media or only specified audio and visual parts. The FLV developers consistently improve aspects of the software: technical features and esthetics.

  14. You can visit their official website to read about their most recent software update, privacy policy, cookie information, etc.

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