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  • Grâce au BlasterX Acoustic Engine, la Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming Series offre à vos oreilles des niveaux de réalisme audio sans précédent pour une expérience de jeu immersive.
Des basses profondes et puissantes et un son surround ajoutent des dimensions et un réalisme incomparables à votre jeu.
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This headset is simply amazing for this price! The headset is very comfortable and I can easily use it for long gaming sessions without my ears getting melted or hurt. The sound quality is very good and you can enhance and tweak it even more with the Sound Blaster Connect software.

You can switch between Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround and choose the one which suits you the most. Also the 7.1 virtual surround works very well and its not overemphasized. Same goes for the bass.

Most gaming headsets have too much bass which dampens the other sound frequencies but Creative Labs have done awesome job and there is just right amount of bass and of course you can tweak the bass level to your liking with the Sound Blaster Connect software.This headset is not only for gaming, you can also use it for making and listening music because this headset provides clear sound quality and frequencies so you can hear the song how the artists made it to be heard.The microphone totally surprised me.

It has very good sound quality and it's easily the best microphone you can have in this price range of headsets.

It even has better sound quality than some more expensive headsets. Currently no other headset microphone can come this close to this microphone in this price range.The built quality is very good and the headset feels sturdy and like I already mentioned it is very comfortable.

This was my first headset from Creative Labs and because of this successful experience I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Powered by BlasterX Acoustic Engine , the Sound BlasterX Pro-gaming Series delivers unprecedented levels of audio realism to your ears for an immersive gaming experience – for deep, powerful bass and surround sound that add significant depths and realism to your game.

To download the BlasterX Acoustic Engine, please select the BlasterX product you have purchased.
*The fully customisable BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro is available for Sound BlasterX H7, Sound BlasterX G5 and Sound BlasterX G1.The BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite comes with preset profiles, and is available for the other analog headsets in the Sound BlasterX series.