Blender Free Basketball Pbr Textures

Posted on  by admin

Well, it’s been a while since I last created an update post on this site.

I think it’s about time. Man does time fly. I hope you’ve all been doing well in the last few months. Full Blender Support. I’ve now added full Blender support to this site! Before, users needed to download the Unreal Engine file option if they wanted to use the texture sets in Blender, and then invert the green channel on the DirectX normal map included to make it display correctly.

I decided it was about time to send some love over to our awesome Blender community and create a download option just for them. 🙂 So now has options for Unity, Unreal Engine and now Blender users.

The steel plate texture shown in the screenshot is from this site, and previewing in Blender Cycles.