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Creating a texture for Blender from scratch can often be an extremely gratifying endeavor.

5. CG Bookcase

  1. When you're short on time or are more interested in other aspects of the process, however, using free textures for Blender that you find online will usually be sufficient, especially when you're still learning.
  2. Not all free Blender materials are created equally, however. Here are six of our most trusted sources for free Blender textures that will never disappoint.

2. Poly Haven

Only a very special type of curmudgeon can claim to hate Andrew Price, the energetic personality behind the hugely-popular Blender Guru YouTube channel.

If you're a fan, you've likely heard him mention his own pet brand, Poliigon. The Poliigon site acts as an asset resource for 3D artists, and everything that you'll find on it comes directly from Andrew and his team.

1. Poliigon

While much of what Poliigon offers is unfortunately not free, there are still plenty of textures, models, HDRIs, and brushes that you can try in your own work without handing over a dime.

Price is a Blender prodigy in his own right, so nothing that you find on his site will be second-rate by any stretch of the imagination.

4. Architecture Inspirations

These photorealistic textures can be used in any 3D software, too, not just Blender itself.

The same goes for any of the other texture downloads on this list. Poly Haven doesn't just offer the artist free textures for Blender—everything that you'll find on the Poly Haven site is covered by a CC0 Creative Commons license, which means you're free to use them in any way and in any context, no royalties or attribution required.

Much of the work is donated, but plenty comes exclusively from the Poly Haven team. This platform doesn't even ask you to sign up before browsing and downloading Blender materials.


The site's given mission statement places the quality of each asset in its textures library above all else, making this one of our top sources for premium textures for Blender.

Poly Haven truly exists in service of the beginner. The Blender materials on Ambient CG are also protected by a CC0 license, making everything on this site eligible for the same perks as the free textures for Blender on Poly Haven.

Something unique that you'll find on every texture's description page is a handy little widget, sponsored by none other than Sketchfab.

3. AmbientCG

You can examine each selection in excruciating detail, all contained within this in-browser 3D viewport.

Related: How to Use Sketchfab as an Artistic Reference. Many also offer environmental or atmospheric variations, as well—different color choices, varying levels of foliage coverage and health, and even asset suggestions for a more realistic final render all help you make each texture download your own.

One other awesome resource that Ambient CG provides Blender beginners is this concise and helpful user guide documenting the best way to bring these textures to life on your own turf.

Build Your Own Blender Textures Library for Free

If you're just getting started, the lingo is all laid out for you here. If you're having trouble getting the ball rolling, we recommend troubleshooting with this walkthrough. Architecture Inspirations is a Blender materials site geared toward those who model interiors or architectural renderings of buildings.


Tasteful hardwood, lush lawns, and HD fabric and tile textures can all be used to build the home of your dreams, even if you're only doing it for fun.

Many materials are offered at a 1K resolution for free, but upgrading to a Pro account allows you to download anything in 4K.


You can even download a bunch of free 3D models to use with any of the free Blender shaders.

Along with the site's free Blender asset collection, you'll also find an incredible library of 3D texture tutorials in support of the total Blender noob.

Walkthroughs on lighting your scene, enhancing your materials, and rendering the most attractive and visually stunning final product possible are all covered here in extraordinarily minute detail.

Poly Haven

If you aspire one day to create interiors or architectural models for a living, we cannot recommend getting started with Architecture Inspirations enough.

Related: How to Use Reference Images in Blender. Zany fabric patterns? Tough industrial mechanical textures?

Also accounted for. CG Bookcase is a winner in our books if you need free Blender shaders in any of a number of foundational categories.


You'll find many basic, domestic Blender textures here, such as granite for countertops, stone walls for exteriors, and classy tile arrangements that we wouldn't mind seeing in our own bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural textures and botanicals are also in no short supply. Realistic tree bark, mossy ground cover, and even tree trunk cross-sections can be used to enchant your audience in an incredibly immersive forest scene.

Everything that you'll find on this site can be downloaded immediately, no account or sign-up required.

I hope you find these free textures for Blender as helpful as I have

CG Bookcase does ask that those in a position to do so become a Patreon Patron of the site, however; for $1 per set of textures, you'll get a shout-out in the site's special thanks section.