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Rufus also allows you to check the USB drive for any bad blocks and all you need to do is select the checkbox and go to “check device for bad blocks” under the format option. The software might take time depending on the drive size, the number of passes and USB drive speed. Rufus is good for people who are looking for a fast and free bootable USB creator. The best thing about this software is that it doesn’t require an install and can run directly from a portable exe file. Protect Your Online Privacy With Surfshark[The VPN that we use here at Tech Arrival]. If you happen to be a Windows user and in need of a bootable USB drive for Windows, this is the official tool for you. As the name suggests, this software allows you to create both bootable USB and DVD drives. The specialty of this tool is its ease of use. All you have to do is insert the USB drive, select the ISO and click the Next option. After the initial format, the software will create the bootable USB drive within minutes. However, it lacks options to personalize the bootable USB drives. For instance, you cannot change the file/partition scheme or create an extended level or check for bad blocks. If you don’t mind the lack of advanced options, go for this one. Universal USB Installer, as its name says allows you to create any type of Bootable USB media. It is easy to operate and can create any type of bootable USB media, be it Linux and Windows, special antivirus rescue drives, penetration testing drive or other low-level bootable drives. The interface is very easy to understand. Simply select the operating system from the drop-down menu, select the ISO file, and hit install. Further, the software will handle all the processes of making directories, boot partition and more. Another useful feature of this software is that it allows creating USB bootable devices with persistence storage. You can select the amount of persistence store storage while creating the bootable USB drive, but this feature is only available for selected Linux distributions.
If you want a highly customizable and feature-rich bootable USB creator, RMPrepUSB is the one you are looking for.
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It allows you to create almost any type of bootable media.

There is an option for testing, partition, support for multiple image formats, quick format, customize bootloader, file system and QEMU Emulator.