B&q Plastic Wall Panels

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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency of the world.It uses peer-to-peer system with no banks or brokers in the middle. Many predicts that digital currency is the future of finance. Unicode system has a formal code point assigned for typing Bitcoin sign in documents. In this article, we will explain how to type Bitcoin sign in Windows and Mac documents. You can also checkout how to type other currency symbols using alt code keyboard shortcuts. Related:Try Bitcoin price calculator and currency conversion tool. The easiest way to type the sign is to use alt code in Windows and option code in Mac. There are multiple options in Windows to insert Bitcoin symbol depending upon the application. The easy option is to use alt code keyboard shortcuts, though you can try other methods also. Hold the alt key and type 8383 using numeric keypad to type Bitcoin sign ₿. Remember to enable number lock key when using numeric pad. Type 20BF and press alt + x keys to convert the code into ₿ sign.