Brick Stone Cladding

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The way the exterior of your home looks is arguably more important than the way it appears inside. Your home’s exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value, its curb appeal, and how quickly it’s able to sell when put it on the market.

For these reasons, many homeowners work hard to ensure that their exterior is stylish, kept up, and in keeping with the rest of their home’s architecture. And while there are many different materials on the market to help you do this, not all of them will give you the same beauty, texture, and longevity of natural stone.

Stone cladding and siding panels add richness and appeal to any area you install them on, including all areas of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Check out these 30 stone cladding and siding panel ideas to help gain some inspiration for your property.

22. Patio Wall

First impressions are often the most important. For properties that have a gate or archway to enter through set forward from the main home, this entry point must make the impression before the visitor even arrives at your home.

Make yours stand out with an Estate Stone cladding that will instantly set the tone for the rest of your exterior and landscaping. There are few materials more durable to clad the exterior of your home in than brick and natural stone.

15. Texture Contrast

  • Brick is a popular material for its style and durability, but cladding your entire home in it can mean obscuring some of its architecture and detail.
  • By using Estate Stone to accent the brick, it lightens and breaks up the pattern, allowing those details to shine through.
  • If you do a lot of entertaining around your pool area, you’ll want it to make an equally great impression on your guests.
  • Things like built in seating, fire pits, and waterfall features all contribute to both style and functionality for the space.
  • Cladding them all in matching honed stone unifies the area and complements the landscaping at the same time.
  • Many people have already discovered the advantages to using an accent wall indoors to liven up their walls and their design.
  • This home uses an exterior accent wall to contrast the panel siding and add some interest to the contemporary layout.

The wall sits at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the siding, which calls attention to the entryway and the architecture at the same time. For homes located in warm climates, it’s common to have lanai or patio areas that are partially indoors and partially outside.

23. Column Detail