Windows 10 Video Player Settings

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Hence, keeping your drivers updated is crucial to maintain and tune up your Windows PC for peak performance. To update all your Windows drivers automatically in one click, you can use a dedicated program such as Bit Driver Updater. The good thing about this program is that it’s free to download and try. Below we have mentioned two methods that you can use to enhance the video output by changing the video playback settings. Here we have listed all the changes that you can make through the settings app and get the best output. But before we jump onto the changes, we have mentioned the steps which you can follow to navigate the video playback section. Right-click on the Start menu or the Windows icon from the bottom left corner of the screen. A new menu will appear, from the menu select the ‘Settings’ option. Now in the settings window select the ‘Apps’ section. Next, select the Video Playback option in the app’s window. That’s how easily you can visit the Video Playback section from settings. Now you have completed 50% of the task. The rest is changing the default setting, so without wasting time let’s take a look at the changes in video playback settings in Windows 10, 8, 7. Also Read: 16 Best Video Converter Software For Windows In 2021. HDR can help in enhancing the video quality, but some of the devices might not have this settings option on their laptop or computer. If you are unable to locate this option then your PC is not compatible with HDR. so if your system is compatible with HDR then follow the steps mentioned below. Click on the ‘Windows HD Color settings’ option. Under the choose display section, you can choose according to your requirements. Below the option, a separate section of ‘Display Capabilities’ is also present which shows the capabilities of your system. This is how you can simply change the settings of HDR and adjust according to the system capabilities. Also Read: 9 Best Free Video Editing Software With No Watermark. For better video quality you need to change video playback settings, you need to enable ‘Automatically process to enhance it’. This option will help in enhancing the video quality according to the hardware capabilities. It uses the GPU to process the video and enhance it. If you wish to save network bandwidth by playing videos on lower resolution then tick the check box of ‘I prefer video to play at a lower resolution’.