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Sometimes, the information we desire to store in our memory for continuous remembrance often ends up being ephemeral. This is where journaling apps come into play. Journalling apps are something you will find on smartphones, tablets, and computer operating systems. This goes to tell how important they are in our everyday life. Essentially, they help us store information, which we wish to recall later.

In this article, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of 10 the best journaling apps for MAC. These apps are listed as follow:

Bullet Journal For Mac Program

Elisi is a user-friendly, cross-device bullet journal app to help you improve personal productivity and manage your time effectively. Features include pre-templated modules in a bullet journal along with task planning, habit tracking, project management and note taking.

1. Day One

Day One bears the majority of the features that qualify a Journal app as being efficient for the journaling, helping quickly store info you wish to remember later. The Day One Journal app has a minimal interface that helps you focus, it lets you sync your data, allowing you access your data across supported devices.

Bullet Journal For Mac Programs

You also get to create reminders with this app. Photos can be added to notes created to help you remember things seamlessly. The Day One app doesn’t come cheap. This app requires you to pay a premium of $34 per year as a premium subscription.

2. Journey

The Journey Journal app is another highly recommended journal app for MAC. It is home to a lot of the essential tools you will need to jot that important information that proves difficult to commit to memory at that instant. It has an intuitive interface void of distractions as required.

The Journey Journal apps let you store images, videos, and voice notes, which will help you in understanding the data you wish to recall. Reminders can also be set using the app. The Journal app premium will cost you $17.99. Note that the Journey Journal app is free for Web, Android, and iOS.

3. Diarly

The Diarly Journal app lets you store that information that comes abruptly. Allowing you to review the stored information at any time on your MAC computer. Diarly lets you store an almost infinite number of data on the app. It features a very sweet system of organization, that lets you organize your notes with a hashtag or a star, indicating top priority.

You also get to insert links, photos, and videos in your note, giving the ultimate form of making a journal for remembrance. Don’t like the stock font or writing style, you are also at liberty to get them tweaked. Diarly has a free and premium version.

4. Mini Diary

Mini Dairy is a secure app to keep abruptly gotten information safe. Mini Diary presents a very appealing interface for storing your data needed for recall. Popular favorite journal features are present here. You get to protect your stored information with a password, you get the dark mode to ease your eyes, a very efficient search system, lets you set reminders, and lots more.

The Mini Dairy is basically a virtual diary stored in your MAC for easy access when your MAC is in use. The Mini Diary Journal app with no in-app purchase.

5. mJournal

Here is another app that lets you jot down important info on the Go. mJournal was built with the motive of being a goto app for saving important info, set reminders, and lots more. The mJournal app lets you get creative when creating notes.

You are at liberty to change the font, color, and size of fonts used in taking notes. mJorunal also houses drag and drop features that lets you drag and drop photos and files, you wish to add to your document. The mJournal app is a free app on MAC without any hidden charges.

6. Reminisce

The reminisce Journal app may just be all you will ever need for making a journal on your apple MAC. It houses features that place it in that sweet spot. Reminisce houses a very astute navigation system, which makes finding saved journals very easy. Reminisce has different modes for viewing saved journals.

Saved Journals can be viewed in list form, calendar view or map view. You are also at liberty to add stuff tags, contacts, moods and lots more. There is also a cool system that records the different time changes that were made to saved journals. You are free to jump on this software, there is no premium fee here, its all free, with no hidden charges.

7. Reflection

Its moniker says it all. Are you a songwriter, a creative writer or, a spoken word artist who spends a lot huge chunk of time on an Apple MAC? The Relefction Journal app for Apple MAC may just be what you need. It helps you quickly turn your thoughts into digital writeups that you can refer back to when needed.

This app features a unique color-coding for creating journals. You are at liberty to back up journals to be sent to other platforms for editing if need be and you also get access to a very efficient system for accessing saved journals. Reflection is a free app, with no hidden charges.

8. My Treehole

The My tree hole is yet another awesome journal app for Mac you should consider checking out. It houses all the essentials that classify it as a top-notch journal app. You have the needed tools that let you store abrupt ideas, being able to recall them from the app when needed.

Bullet Journal Mac App

Fonts used to can be manipulated to fit your taste. You get to change the font size and lots more. This app also supports the addition of images, weather entries, and lots more. To secure your saved data, Tree hole has a security suite that lets you secure the app with a passcode. The Treehouse has an iCloud Backup that lets store unlimited txt files and lots more.

9. Chronicle

Literally, the Chronicle means history. The Chronicle app lets you make a history of events you wish to remember, it is a personal digital diary. It is best for MAC users who frequently have the need to jot things down for remembrance.

It has a system that safely houses all you have jotted. It has an autosave feature, that quickly saves your work, immediately you exit the app. You also get to secure your data with a password, to prevent malicious entries. The chronicles Journal app attracts a premium fee of $2.99 per month.

10. Penzu

Bullet Journal For Mac Programming

Bullet Journal For Mac Program

Last but certainly not least is the Penzu app. It pretty much houses most of the features on the journal apps mentioned above. The story here is the same. It is an app that you can use to store ideas and information that come to you suddenly.

It can be used across different devices, your iPhone, Android, and Apple Mac, allowing you to continue from where you left off. Its minimal interface makes it easy to use the app. It has a free version, as well as the premium version, that costs you $4.99 per month.

Wrapping Up:

Without a doubt, the list of all the best journal apps for MAC wasn’t exhausted in this article. This article is aimed at streamlining your search. If you have other recommendations, you would love to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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