Calculating Elapsed Time For Kids

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Reading and telling time accurately is a life skill all kids need to master. Learning this important concept by playing online educational games makes the process fun, exciting, and more effective than traditional methods. One of the most significant life skills kids learn in the second grade is reading an analog clock to tell the time.

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They learn how to move the minute and the hour hand to set time and learn to place missing numbers in an analog clock. As they graduate to the third grade, they are introduced to the concept of elapsed time. Simply put, the elapsed time is the amount of time that passes from the beginning of an event to its end.

Teach Elapsed Time – Using Four Different Strategies

Kids are taught to calculate the elapsed time by finding the difference between the start and end times of an event. Teaching this concept to kids can be tricky, so ensure you teach using fun and interactive online educational games. As parents, you need to find innovative ways of teaching your kids how to tell time so that they grasp the concept properly.

These online educational games are among the best ways to ensure this. Find Elapsed Time. This game encourages the player to find elapsed time with the help of an analog clock visual. The student will analyze and estimate the elapsed time and choose the correct answer from a set of given options.

Set The Time After An Interval . The student is presented with an analog clock visual and asked to set the time after a specified interval by moving the hands of the clock. A little challenging, this game is an excellent practice for kids who are intrigued by analog clocks and want to explore more. Find The Time After An Interval. Once your child progresses through the other games, they come to this exciting game where they are presented with an analog clock visual and asked to find the time after a specific interval.

Elapsed Time Worksheets

To make things easier, they are given a set of four options to choose from. The arrangement of the numbers on the clock face coupled with the movements of the minute hand and the hour hand can make telling time confusing for a child.

The more they practice reading clocks, the better they will get with this skill. You can make it exciting for your kid to learn how to calculate elapsed time with online educational games.

Kids are likely to get bored of traditional methods, so let them practice these enjoyable, interactive games and learn while having fun. Learning to read time and calculate elapsed time can be an exciting process if done the right way. Introduce your kids to SplashLearn’s enjoyable online games so that they have fun while learning and want to learn more.


Share with us how you are making your child’s education fun for them! Write to us at [email protected] with your feedback and comments. Differentiation, Freebies, Math, Planning, Strategies. I remember struggling with elapsed time as a child. I wanted to just simply line the numbers up and subtract. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. Sadly, I don’t think I really got it until later, as a teen, when I wanted to go somewhere with friends and needed to figure out exactly how much time it would take to get there and back.

Luckily, we have many strategies in our bag of tricks these days that we can use to teach elapsed time to students to help them understand it a lot sooner. There are four different strategies that I like to teach my students when it comes to elapsed time. As I mentioned in my posts, Which Is Better in Math: Strategies or Algorithm? and Understanding Addition and Subtraction Strategies, it’s important for students to learn multiple strategies so that they can find the strategy that works best for them and fits their learning style.