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  1. Join the CC0 Textures subreddit to discuss everything related to CC0 Textures. Physically based rendering allows for incredibly realistic surfaces, but generating a good PBR texture is not easy: You need to wait for good lighting conditions, go outside and shoot the textures, stitch the images together to get one high-res image, make that seamless and then generate all the maps.
  2. Alternatively you can use image authoring software like Substance Designer to artificially create materials.
  3. Regardless, this process does not only require equipment and software that not everyone has, it can also take quite a while.
  4. That's why most people usually rely on sites like or to get all the surfaces they need. And that works great if you are willing to spend some money or live with the free low-res versions on
  5. It does not work however, if you wish to distribute your work in any other way than just a render! Reselling textures from Poliigon or on sites such as the Blender Market is a slippery slope to say the least.
  6. That's why this site exists, all textures and maps on here are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License, which allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with them.
  7. Create Animations (even commercially!) or bundle them with your models!
  8. And you are not even required to give credit for them (although I would of course appreciate that..).
What exactly are PBR textures and how do they help 3D artists create photorealistic images in applications such as Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine? PBR or Physically Based Rendering attempts to simulate how materials behave in the real world, particularly how they reflect and absorb light.
For example, most metal materials will reflect a lot of light while a surface such as concrete will reflect very little light giving it a flat matt looking surface.

To achieve this photorealistic look PBR textures normally consist of several different texture maps which include information that describes the colour of the material, its reflectiveness and roughness, the depth and height and even how the material deals with ambient lighting.

The quality of the final 3D models and scenes that you would create in an application such as Blender will rely heavily on the quality of the textures you are using, to this end we have curated the top 7 websites where you can download quality PBR textures to make your rendered output as realistic as possible, totally for free, with a creative commons license (CC0).

Free pbr textures for Blender, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine and more