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The most newbie-friendly way to add a library to a project is to:. Search for the library. Look for the source file. Copy the source file. Paste what you copied into the project.


This works, but it’s a painful process. It’s easier if you use CDNs like JSDelivr.

  • CDN stands for content delivery network.
  • Its main purpose is to let users download files faster. Read this article by Fastly if you’re wondering whether you should use a CDN.
  • CDNS let users download files faster by placing datacenters all over the world.

When the browser sees a CDN link, they’ll serve up the library from the datacenter closest to the user. This is how CDNs work. JSDelivr is a special kind of CDN.


It’s built to let users download JavaScript libraries that are hosted on npm and Github. (You can also load Wordpress plugins if they’re hosted on

If you use JSDelivr (or any other CDN that serves JavaScript libraries), you don’t need to copy-paste the source files into your project. You can use a link like this:. JSDelivr lets you specify the version of a library you want to download. If you want to specify a version, you add the version number after an @, like this:.