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CG Live is a software based solution for real time character generation. CG Live features animated backgrounds, movements and effects on text, images, clocks, animated logos, dates, crawl and news tickers.

3D working environment (no layers)

CG Live works via both SDI video boards and via NDI.The solution is ideal to display graphical contents, such as text, logos and animations, crawls, tickers and rolls with dynamic contents/metadata retrieved from external data sources, like RSS, txt, Microsoft Excel files and more. Top broadcast quality and easy of use allow CG Live to be used for News Graphic, live production in talk shows, sports and entertainment.CG Live is very simple to use and does not need any specific training.

Page compositing is also very user friendly and allows to add multiple object like texts, clocks, crawls, rolls and media (audio, bitmaps, video and animations) e and define their specific aspect in detail. CG Livedelivers top quality antialiased text, smooth interlaced crawls, tickers and rolls over SDI or NDI output. All layers are managed in 32 bits allowing precise alpha channel and transparency compositing.

Text and media can be updated on the fly allowing to perform in live production environments. CG Live imports data automatically from TXT, CSV, RSS feeds and especially Excel files, so whenever data is updated, it goes straight on air.

CG Live respects fonts, colors and alignment specified in the Excel files selecting from which sheet and cells to acquire the data.

Hidden or unprintable cells will not air, very handy fro comments and remarks to the user inputting the data.

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CG Live also respects the formulas and database connections specified in the Excel files, allowing to create custom applications with macros and VBA scripting.
CG Live integrates with Social Hub (optional), which allows retrieving text, images and video clips from your favourite social media sources, such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram, skype, email, sms, openweathermap, line and rss feeds.