Cheats Daigaku Gurashi

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There are currently 24 cheats that a player can use in-game, the cheat menu can be accessed by pressing "INSERT" (or the ins button) button in keyboard.


"Randomize Player appearance". Yandere is a trait that students can have.

CodeCheat NotesIn-game Description
"coffee""Full Energy"
"tired"Sets the player's Energy to 5%. This will most likely cause them to pass out."Low Energy"
"depr""80% depression"
"!depr""0% depression"
"kind""Max kindness"
"mean""Lowest kindness"
"conf""Max confidence"
"!conf""Lowest confidence"
"here"All NPC students walk to the player's location for a random amount of time."All classmates decide to approach you"
"love all""You become bisexual and love everyone"
"hate all""You hate everyone"
"bully""Lowest kindness and Max confidence
"Jerry""Everyone hates you"
"ready2kiss"Kiss stats become full, player will be able to kiss."Set your stats ao you'll be able to kiss others"
"save"Saves all of the current data in the game. This doesn't save the current time, it'll be 6:45 when you reload your save."Saves everything but the time"
"hud""Toggle all hud elements on and off"
"tsun""100% Tsundere"
"!tsun"Removes tsundere trait from the player."0% Tsundere"
"random look"This cheat can give you accessories that you don't own. The new accessories will be removed once you change something about your character."Randomize Player appearence"
"refresh""Everyone's opinion on you is set to neutral"
"no crush""Makes your character not have any crushes."


Students with this trait obsess over their crush and prevents them from having multiple crushes.

CodeCheat NotesIn-game Description
"nekomimi"Every classmate would get the Neko Ears head accessory. This would make them have nyaccents."All classmates have Cat-ears"
"all girl""All classmates become girls"
"all boy""All classmates become boys"
"all futa""All classmates become futanari"
"yan test""The Classmate at the bottom becomes Yandere for you"

Base Accents/Dialects

  • Their feelings for someone will stay permanently, no matter what happens. Yandere students can sometimes be seen sneaking after their crush.
  • They'll dislike anyone that hangs out with their crush, which can be a bad thing if the yandere happens to be a bully.