Check For Windows 11 Compatibility Tool

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We have continued our compatible by design approach from Windows 10 to Windows 11, through our multiple efforts across validation, discovery and partner outreach. Based on these efforts, we have a positive signal of the continued compatibility with Windows 11, to the same standard as Windows 10. For cases where changes may cause a compatibility issues, the App Assure program provides the necessary support to ensure that our commercial customers can upgrade safely. In addition to App Assure, Test Base for Microsoft 365 enables our partners to onboard apps to a managed environment and validate.

We recommend that all our partners continue to support the confidence of our shared customers in the new version of Windows by validating that apps are fully functional on Windows 11. The following are a set of guidelines for validation steps specific to the changes made in Windows 11. We will be updating this documentation over time.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

There are new minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. In order to run Windows 11, devices must meet the hardware specifications. Devices that do not meet the hardware requirements cannot be upgraded to Windows 11.

  • Upgrading to Windows 11 can have many benefits, as long as the PC is ready for it. IT administrators should check that PCs can handle Windows 11 before going through with this update.
  • Microsoft released Windows 11 on Oct.
  • 5, 2021, with key features including better support for virtual desktops and a repositioned Start button with an ability to run Android apps.
  • Other features include the option to personalize widgets, which users can directly access in the taskbar, and a simpler interface with rounded corners and a centered Start menu and taskbar.
  • Although the OS internals don't seem to have changed greatly from Windows 10, certain Windows 11 hardware requirements pose upgrade challenges for PCs purchased before 2018.
  • Microsoft recommends against upgrading older machines to Windows 11. Although users can forcibly upgrade older PCs, Microsoft might withhold future updates, including security patches, from these PCs.

All the details concerning Windows 11 specifications and requirements are available from Microsoft.

A select few are likely to pose compatibility issues for older PCs. Older PCs must support the following features or capabilities:. System firmware. Requires Unified Extensible Firmware Interface and must be Secure Boot capable.