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We can assist you in your residential, commercial, industrial glazing needs whether it’s a new construction, renovation, upgrade or maintenance.

Our solutions include Curtain Wall, Storefronts, Custom Entrances, canopies, Railings, Solar Control and much more.Curtain Walling and Commercial window repairs.

Repair and/or replacement of blown or damaged glazing units. Installation or repair of new rubber gasket weather seals. Leak Detection and Repair. Re-pointing of internal/external silicone perimeter seals to prevent water ingress.

Surface restoration works to glazing.

  • Repairs to frames.

  • Leaks in the Curtain Walling.

  • Defective Frames.

Dislodged gaskets, rubber seals and external aluminium facia caps. Curtain Walling Refurbishment. Loose or Missing Capping. Defective of Damaged Glass panels and units. Glass Curtain Wall repairs. Curtain Wall glass. Curtain Wall cladding. Curtain Walling Inspections. Repair Skylights. From installing industrial gutter lining, repairing flat roofing and installing corrugated roofing to re-decking, insulation and replacing asbestos cement roofs, our commercial roofers undertake a wide range of repairs.

Generally, we follow the following process:.

To evaluate which roofing work is necessary, we can first carry out a survey of your roof and then provide you with a competitive quote for the best solutions to your bespoke roofing needs, recommending the necessary roofing work required that will last for years to come. Once you have agreed which roofing work you would like to be carried out, we will then arrange to carry out the work at a convenient time that suits you.

Once we have completed any roofing work, we will then show you the work that has been carried out and explain it to you simply, checking that you are fully satisfied with the work that has been carried out.

Whether you are an individual client, or a nationwide corporation, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service from the initial consultation right through to carrying out any work. We carry out repairs, refurbishments and completely new roof installations to a wide range of buildings including offices, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, leisure complexes, public buildings, retail units sports grounds and complexes.