Clean Install Windows 7 Pro

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This article will help you install Windows 7 Professional to the new Hard Drive on your Dell PC. Images for each step are provided as a visual guide but are based on English only screenshots. This is a guide to install Windows 7 Professional onto a New Blank Hard Drive. If you want to install to a Used Hard Drive then please use the guide below :. You will need these to proceed :. Your Windows 7 Professional DVD or CD's. Your computer Plugged into Mains Power. A Computer, with the usual accessories - Mouse, monitor, keyboard etc. CD-ROM/DVD Drive. Note: You will have received an operating systems recovery disc with your PC, if you selected that option when ordering the system. (This is a choice made when originally booking your order as part of a worldwide media reduction initiative.) If you do not have the operating system recovery disc, then any Dell Windows 7 operating system recovery disc of the same type will work on your PC. (Any Dell recovery disc will install without asking for an activation code on any Dell PC shipped prior to Windows 8.) If you have no access to any Dell Windows 7 operating system recovery discs then you can contact Dell technical support and they will be able to advise if they can supply a replacement or if your issue is outside of your warranty scope and you will need to source the media elsewhere. Alternatively you can try following the instructions on the article below : . To start this Windows install. You will want to tap the F12 key at the Dell splash Screen. On the Boot once menu you will need to choose the Optical Drive and press the ENTER key. This is your CD/DVD Drive. A message Press any key to boot from DVD... will appear at the top left hand side of the screen, press the space bar to continue. The Windows 7 Professional DVD will begin to load files, this may take sometime.