Coconut Battery App

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Coconut battery life saver application is the best app used for power-draining, save battery life, check prosperity & health checking .
Features OF Coconutbattery batterylife App :
★Real-time pil and temperature seeing and Pil Screens and logs gadget temp. industriously, charge common, battery help
Highlights of Phone Cooler coconut battery batterylife App:
★ Show Coconut battery pil batterylife TEST interminable telephone's temperature: Phone Cooler screens telephone's temperature and caution you when your telephone is exorbitantly hot so you can chill off CPU and Super battery specialist at the present time
★Overly speedy charging and battery saver is an important mechanical assembly have the option to help your battery charging, battery support and smart charge, powersave ,fast charging and battery saver applications will killall applications and coconutbattery
★ broaden battery and Modify Coconut battery expedient charge to a mode that obliges your energy fast charging support use and battery saver