Codepen Vue Component

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Components in Vue web applications are very important because they can be used in very simple ways to make very complex applications.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of Vue 3 components and how to use them. Components are reusable pieces of UI code that build functional web applications. They can be used as building blocks or they can be used to prevent rewriting of the same pieces of code over and over again.

Vue applications usually consist of a root component and any number of other components.

Also, all components have a component object that holds the data, the component’s logic, and a template script that shows what the component will display.

Before we start creating components, we must first create a basic Vue application.

To do that, create an index.html file inside a project directory of your choice. Then, open it in an IDE and write the following into it:.

In the above code, we add the Vue 3 library to the HTML code with the script tag on the third line, creating the Vue app in the script tag with the const app = Vue.createApp({}); and mounted using app.mount("#app");. All Vue web applications have a root component. This component binds to the app view (in the above code, it is the div element with an app ID).


What are components in Vue 3?