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TrustedHints is reader-supported. When you buy through our links we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Inverter generators are way better than conventional generators.

It produces clean energy, which is better for sensitive devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, etc. Other than clean energy, they also offer quiet operation, low fuel consumption, and above all, they are very portable, longer-lasting, and lightweight.

So transferring the Inverter generator is way easy than a conventional portable generator. Due to their quiet operation, they can be used in camping, RV, fishing as well as many other outdoor activities.

That being said, if you are looking for such a generator then you have come to the right place. We have researched many inverter generators and selected the best of them. So today we present you the Reviews of Best Inverter Generators in 2021.

Honda EU2200i Portable GeneratorChampion Dual Fuel Inverter GeneratorYamaha EF2400iSHC Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Power:2200 Watts3,400 Watts2,000 Watts
Run Time:4.0 - 9.6 Hrs7.5 Hrs10.5 Hrs
Noise:48-57 dB59 dB51.5 dB
Rating:4.9 / 5.04.7 / 5.04.3 / 5.0

Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 4000/3500. Run-Time (Gas): 17 hrs. Start Type: Remote + Electric + Recoil. Fuel Capacity: 2.9 Gallon.

Vital Guide for the Best Inverter Generators

Noise Level: 64 dBA. Weight: 96.8 pounds. Warranty: 3 years (Latest model with wireless remote start). Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 3400/3100.

Bottom Line

5. Best Inverter Generator Portable—Honda

Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator at a Glance:
  • Starting Watts / Running Watts (Propane): 3060/2790.
  • Start Type: Electric + Recoil.
  • Run-Time (Gas): 7.5 hrs.
  • Run-Time (Propane): 14.5 hrs.

Fuel Capacity: 1.6 Gallon. Noise Level: 59 dBA from 23 feet. Weight: 95 pounds. Warranty: 3 years.

Special Feature: Electric Start, Portable, Dual Fuel, RV Ready. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 2000/1700.

Start Type: Recoil. Run-Time (Gas): 7 hrs. Fuel Capacity: 1 Gallon. Parallel Capable: Yes. Noise Level: 51 dBA. Weight: 38 pounds.

Warranty: 2 years. Type: Single-fuel Inverter Generator. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 2300/1800. Start Type: Recoil. Run-Time (Gas): 6 hrs. Fuel Capacity: 1.1 Gallon.

Noise Level: 59 dBA. Weight: 47 pounds. Warranty: 1 year. Type: Single-fuel Inverter Generator. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 6250/5000.

Run-Time (Gas): 12.5 hrs. Start Type: Recoil. Fuel Capacity: 4.0 Gallon. Noise Level: 69 dBA.

Weight: 121 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 2200/1800. Run-Time (Gas): 8.1 hrs.

Fuel Capacity: 0.95 Gallon. Parallel Capable: Yes. Noise Level: 52 dBA.

The Best Inverter Generator—Summary

Champion RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator at a Glance:
  • Weight: 46 pounds.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 4500/3700.
  • Run-Time (Gas): 18 hrs.

Start Type: Remote + Electric + Recoil. Fuel Capacity: 3.4 Gallon. Parallel Capable: Yes. Noise Level: 52 dBA. Weight: 98 pounds. Warranty: 3 years.

Special Feature:Wireless start, Lightweight and RV Ready Capability. First of all, this inverter generator is not compact and portable like others because it uses the open frame style design, which is the reason for its high power output.

Champion is in the business of making generators for quite a while now, and I must say I am impressed by their products.

We have selected the Champion 4000-Watt generator to be our number one pick for the best inverter generator because of its decent power output and affordable price range.

Speaking of power output, this generator can deliver 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts, which is enough to run almost all of your home appliances.

Moving on, it has a 2.9-gallon fuel tank, and on a full gas tank, you can expect about 17 hours of runtime on a 25% load, which is pretty decent.

What’s more, it has many noteworthy features, such as parallel capability, RV port, and economy mode.

Best Inverter Generator

Yamaha Gas Powered Portable Inverter at a Glance:
  • This generator is not quiet as other inverter generators (64 dBA noise), but considering its price range, I would say this is negotiable.
  • Other than that, the generator boasts 4 output ports, including one 120V 3A RV ready port, two 120V 20A household outlets, and one 12V DC outlet, and let’s not forget the dual USB adapter that comes with the whole package.
  • This unit comes with three years of warranty, which makes it worth your money.
  • This is another great generator from Champion we have added to our selection.

This inverter generator is very expensive, but on the other hand, it has some of the top features that you will ever see in other generators. First of all, its dual-fuel capability allows you to enjoy the convenience of propane and gasoline according to your desire.

Also, for the lubrication of internal mechanical gears and engine parts, this generator uses the special 10W-30 oil, and if this oil level decreases below safe value, then it can damage your generator.

So that is why Champion has added a low oil shut-off sensor in this generator, which automatically shuts down the generator upon detection of low oil levels.

If we talk about the power output then you will get 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts with up to 7.5 hours run time on gasoline and on 20 pounds of a propane tank, you will get 3060 starting watts and 2790 running watts with up to 14.5 hours of runtime at 25% load.

Moving on, the electric start with the 3-position ignition feature is very handy and saves you the trouble of pulling cords to start the generator.

The 59 dBA of noise output of this generator is considered to be very low and that is why this inverter generator is perfect for RVs, tailgating, and camping too.

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Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator at a Glance:
  • Additionally, it has some other unique features too, such as economy mode, parallel capability, touch start, and clean power output (<3% THD).
  • The unit is protected by three years of solid warranty.
  • According to its power output, the WEN 56202i is one of the lightest and cheapest inverter generators we have seen so far.
  • Thanks to its EPA III and CARB-Compliant 4-Stroke engine, this generator can produce 2000 surge watts and 1700 running watts.

Due to its lightweight and compact design, this generator is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. Additionally, it is fitted with various output receptacles such as two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and two 5V USB ports for the user’s convenience.

If you feel like you need more clean power from this generator, then you can connect another same generator in parallel with this and can get higher power output.

Please note that the parallel kit is not included in the whole package, and you have to purchase it separately. There are three different indicator lights on the panel that will notify you about low oil level, overload condition, and output.

You will love the eco-mode of this generator that will help you maximize fuel economy and runtime. What I find amusing about this generator is its less than 1.2% THD clean power output, which can handle even the most sensitive electronic devices.

You may not know this, but clean power reduces the heating in any electronic device, and thus, its life expectancy also increases.

Weighing at just about 38 pounds, this wen generator is very lightweight and measures 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches. This unit is sold with two years of warranty. Pulsar G2319N is another affordable alternative you can consider if you are on the lookout for a budget-friendly inverter generator.

One of the biggest selling points of this generator is its compact suitcase design and lightweight (47 pounds) body so that you can transport it easily.

This portable and compact generator puts out 2300 peak watts and 1800 running watts and it is capable of running up to 6 hours at 50% load when its 1.18 gallons fuel tank is full.

You might be wondering how this generator is affordable. Well, other inverter generators on the market which give you the same output are sold for a higher price range, but the Pulsar G2319N is sold for around 400 bucks and not to mention its mind-boggling features.

9. Best Inverter Generator with Remote Start—Pulsar

WEN CARB Compliant Inverter Generator at a Glance:
  • To top it off, its stable sine wave technology offers pure and safe electrical power for your sensitive electronic devices.
  • And also, the parallel capability of this generator gives you the increased power output.
  • This generator boasts two 120V 13A AC outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and one 5V USB outlet so you can power multiple devices at once.
  • The manufacturer is offering only one year of warranty, which is very low so this is something you need to consider if you like warranties.

If you are fond of inverter generators and want to run many appliances in your home simultaneously, then the champion 6250-watt generator is what you need.

As you know, the inverter generators are designed to be portable and lightweight, and that is why their power output is low, but that is not the case with the Champion 6250-Watt generator.

The Champion 6250-watt is the most powerful inverter generator on the market, having 6250 starting watts and 5000 running watts. Sadly it comes with only a gasoline fuel option, so look out for that.

That being said, there are some other high power capacity generators also available on the market, but they are outrageously overpriced, so we recommend not to choose them.

This generator can produce massive 5000 watts of running power output and 6250 starting watts, and due to high power output, you can use this generator as a home backup too.

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Portable GeneratorPowerRun TimeNoise LevelCurrentRating
Honda EU2200i Portable Generator2200 Watts4.0 - 9.6 Hrs48-57 dB18A4.9 / 5.0
Champion Dual Fuel Inverter Generator3,400 Watts7.5 Hrs59 dB25.8A4.7 / 5.0
Yamaha EF2400iSHC Gas Powered Portable Inverter2,000 Watts10.5 Hrs51.5 dB16.7A4.3 / 5.0
Westinghouse iGen2200 Generator1,800 Watts12 Hrs52 dB20A4.3 / 5.0
WEN CARB Compliant Inverter Generator3,800 Watts8.5 Hrs57 dB30A3.9 / 5.0

When its 4 gallons fuel tank is full, the generator can run about 12.5 hours at 25% load until you need to refuel the generator. One of the biggest advantages of using the inverter generator is its clean power, and this generator is no exception.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best inverter generator 2021

Using this generator, you can get as clean as less than 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), which is essential when you want to run sensitive electronic devices.

Moreover, it is equipped with GFCI AC outlets, so there is no need to ground this generator. And other than that, it comes with one 120/240V 30A locking outlet, four 120V 20A GFCI protected household outlets and one 12V DC Automotive-style outlet with a dual USB adapter.

This EPA-certified & CARB compliant inverter generator is very heavy so it is impossible to move it around too much, so this is something you cannot avoid. The weight of the unit is 132 pounds, and the dimensions are 26.6 x 25.6 x 23.7 inches.

Last but not least, this generator is backed by three years of solid warranty.

  • Honda is an undisputed king of the generator industry and despite its high price range, most people prefer Honda’s generator for greater reliability and clean power output.
  • Depending on your load demand, the generator will give you about 4 to 9.6 hours of runtime on a full gas tank.
  • This inverter generator also happens to be the quietest generator, and the credit goes to its internal engine and sound dampening materials.

And the noise operating range is 48 to 57 dBA which is equal to the average conversation. Need more power? Connect the other EU2200i generator with this and double the power output.

Thanks to Honda’s exclusive Eco-throttle system, it offers excellent fuel efficiency.

That’s not all, this improved generator gives you better performance and also the maintenance is easy too. In addition to that, the fuel shut off valve allows you to run the generator with fuel supply off, which helps in preventing the issues related to fuel stale, large spout, and oil drain.

This generator does not have the electric start feature, but the recoil start isn’t bad at all. And in fact, it does not require any effort or learning curve at all, and you will be able to start the generator in one to two pulls at maximum.

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To keep the generator cool even when running for a long time, this machine has an effective ventilation system for improved airflow and better cooling of essential components of the generator. You will be surprised to know that this inverter generator is backed by three years of swooping warranty which adds another advantage to the list.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of dual-fuel capability in your inverter generator, then you should check out the Westinghouse iGen4500DF dual fuel inverter generator.

There are barely 3-4 inverter generators are on the market that comes with dual fuel capabilities. As you know, there is no generator that comes with only a propane fuel setup, but instead, it comes with a gasoline setup too, so that is why it is called the dual fuel generator.

It’s true that the initial cost of this generator is very high, but as you know, propane is very cheap and fuel-efficient compared to gasoline. So by using propane in your generator, you will save a great deal of money on fuel costs.

If we talk about the power output, then on gasoline, you will get 3600 running watts and 4650 starting watts, and you will get 3240 running watts and 4180 peak watts using the propane. I really like its digital display using which you can keep close tabs on fuel level, power output, remaining runtime, and so on.

This generator is extremely quiet, and in fact, it barely produces any noise up to 52 dBA, which is equal to the noise of a vacuum cleaner. It has a 3.4 gallons fuel tank, and the generator will give you about 18 hours of runtime on a fuel gas tank.

Inverter Generator Comparison Charts

And you can increase this runtime by using 20 pounds of the propane tank and this also eliminates the need for frequent refueling.

Some people may find this generator to be expensive, but it has so much to offer, and trust me, it’s worth your money.

  1. It features three starting methods; remote start with an included key fob, electric start and recoil start, and let’s not forget its pure sine wave power output.
  2. Inverter generators are new in the market, and they are very complicated.
  3. The inverter generator is the same as the conventional generator, but the only difference is how it produces power.

First, it produces the AC power as all the normal generators do, but then this power is converted to DC and then it is inverted to AC power to create pure sine wave power.

The inverter generator has many advantages as well as disadvantages too, but in the end, it is worth every penny. The terms like generator, power inverter, and inverter generator are common, but there are big differences between those machines and their functionalities and design are entirely different.

Well, to know why inverter generators are so special, first, we need to understand the difference between an inverter generator and a normal generator and then we will discuss its advantages and other features. The fuel is ignited in the chamber and with the help of mechanical gears, the engine drives the alternator, which in turn produces electricity.

1. Best-Rated Inverter Generator—Champion

The generator has to run at a constant speed to produce the 60Hz frequency current. And due to load fluctuations, the speed of the generator also fluctuates; thus, its power output contains some harmonics, and it is a modified sine wave.

The inverter draws the power from a DC source, such as a battery or solar power, and converts this power into AC with the help of MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) and to make the output current pure sine wave the bank of capacitor and inductor is used.

The Inverter generators are new generation machines that are equipped with advanced technology and some mind-boggling features. The inverter generator produces AC current, and then with the help of a rectifier, it is converted to DC, and then the inverting circuit again converts this DC power back to AC power.

The final AC power is a pure sine wave and it contains fewer harmonics, and thus inverter generators are safe to run sensitive electronic device which uses a microprocessor and other delicate circuits.

The inverter generators have made life a whole lot easier. It is a handy machine for those who like clean and stable power output (which contains less THD) and using this generator; you can easily run sensitive electronic devices such as modern TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, gimbal, and much more.

This generator is also useful for people who don’t like noise, such as when they host a party, or camping, or living in a neighborhood where noise is restricted.

4. Best Inverter Generator with Electric Start—WEN

Other than that, RVers also love the inverter generator because of its convenience and high-end features. Not sure why you should choose the inverter generator over a conventional generator; read this and know what is best for you.

As you know, almost all the inverter generators are compact and portable because they are designed to be that way; however, there are some exceptions. As the wattage rating increases, be it a conventional generator or inverter generator, the size of the generator is definitely going to increase.

Inverter Generator—Buying Guide

But still, the inverter generators are substantially portable and lightweight than any normal generator on the market. Any typical inverter generator rated below 4000 watts will max out at 80 pounds and but most of them are still lighter.

In all of them, the open frame style inverter generators are heavy, but on the other hand, they deliver great power output, so it is a great trade-off.

The inverter generator uses a combination of the advanced load monitoring system and inverter technology that adjusts the power output according to your power requirement, which makes it very fuel-efficient.

You will not get these features in a conventional or non-inverter generator.

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Noise output is the biggest difference between the inverter generator and a conventional generator. Any inverter generator will produce about 50 to 60 decibels of noise at max, whereas the conventional generator will produce 62-70 decibels of noise, which is considered to be loud.

If you are not familiar with levels of noise, then first you need to know how many decibels can be loud for you. As the load increases, the rotor tries to keep up with the load, and in the process, the speed of the rotor fluctuates, which results in lots of dips and surges in power output.

Thus the power produced by any non-inverter generator consists of modified sine waves. But in the case of an inverter generator, it produces clean and stable power, and the reason is its inner workings.

Best Inverter Generator 3000 Watt:Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Parallel capability is a pretty common feature in all inverter generators.

Suppose you want a portable generator for outdoor activities, but sometimes if you need more power, then buying a big generator is not an option. At that time, you can connect another same generator in parallel with this inverter generator and double the power output.

So it is a very convenient feature which you will never see in other generators. It goes without saying that you should be equipped with all the necessary information and factors you need to take into account before choosing any inverter generator.

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Consider the following factors, and you will be good to go. The selection of the generator solely depends on where you want to use it and on your power requirements.

And depending on these factors, the size of your generator and power output can be decided.

Home Back-up System: If you want to use the inverter generator for powering the appliances of the whole house, then you need a generator with high power output.

You can consider a generator above 5000 watts and as a matter of fact, we have included one such generator in this guide so don’t forget to check it out.

Best Inverter Generator with Remote Start:Pulsar Products G450RN 4500W Remote Start Inverter Generator

RVs and Tailgating: RVs do have many onboard electronic devices such as AC, refrigerator, sump pump, TV, and so on. And to power all these devices at once, you would need a generator of at least 4000 watts of power capacity, and you can increase power by connecting two or more inverter generators together.

3. Best Inverter Generator Dual Fuel—Champion

Camping: For camping, you don’t need a big generator because in the middle of the jungle you don’t need much electricity.

So any generator between 1000 to 3000 running watts is sufficient for you. And also the generator for camping needs to be very quiet as you don’t want to disturb fellow campers and animals.

Most of the inverter generators have a small fuel tank and that is why their runtime is relatively lower. So if you don’t like frequent refueling of the generator, then I would suggest you choose the dual fuel inverter generator which we have added in this guide.

6. Best Inverter Generator 2000 Watt—Westinghouse

By using a high-capacity propane tank, you can increase the runtime, and also it eliminates the need for refueling again and again. In the case of inverter generators, the portability and power output seem to be opposite of each other, here’s how.

Inverter generators are indeed portable, compact, and lightweight, but as their power output increases the size and weight of the generator also increases. So it depends on what you want; a portable and lightweight generator with low power output or a bulky and heavyweight generator with high power output.

There is no denying that the inverter generators are the quietest generators among all the generators; however, the noise output of one generator can differ from one machine to another machine.

Meaning that the generator from one manufacturer can be loud but the generator from another manufacturer can be quiet.

Better safe than sorry; so that is why you should check the noise output of your selected generator.

It is not a game-changing factor, but still, you should keep this in mind.

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Also, the noise of generators above 60 decibels at 50% load is considered to be loud. Due to state-of-the-art technology and quality materials used in inverter generators, their price is high, and also their power output is low because its internal power converting circuit cannot handle high power.