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Contena Rates

Are you looking to read an honest contena review online? I know there are so many reviews for Contena written by affiliates that it is confusing. You just do not know who to believe and whether to invest your money in Contena. If you are wondering,. Is Contena a scam?


Is the Contena review real and not driven by affiliate commissions? Is Contena worth the money? then, you should read this brutally honest Contena review.


Before we move forward, I have a disclosure to make. I am not an affiliate for Contena – I could be but I do not recommend products/services on this blog that are not required to make money online.

Training material for beginner freelance writers (Contena Academy)

It’s HARD to get a Refund!

In short, Contena is not a scam but I will not recommend it to anyone and we will talk about the reasons in detail. We will also be talking of some great Contena alternatives to boost your freelance writing income. Let’s get started by reviewing the pros and cons of Contena for freelance writers.

An honest Contena review – Is it worth your money or not?

Note – This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure policy. Contena focuses on helping you find location independent jobs ONLY (which makes it a great resource to look for work from home jobs).

Contena Review – Is Contena A Scam?

To be specific – it is a known platform to find the best freelance writing and editing jobs online along with a few other perks. In short, the idea behind Contena is to help people find writing jobs a lot faster (without having to distinguish between the scam and the real work from home opportunities).

How Much Does Contena Cost?