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What Is a CR2 File?

What Is a File Extension?

Canon is a leader in digital imaging, with top-of-the-line cameras used by photographers around the world. However, not all graphic artists are unfamiliar with Canon’s file extensions. Many find themselves asking the question: What is a CR2 file? This article will cover the basics of a CR2 file, how to open an image, and how to convert it into a more user-friendly format.

How to Convert a CR2 File to JPEG

Images created by a Canon digital camera are often saved as a Canon Raw Version 2 image, more commonly known as a CR2 file. These raw images are uncompressed and high quality, often taking up a significant amount of storage space. The picture is displayed exactly how the Charged Coupled Device, or CCD, of the camera, captured it. Professional photographers often use CR2 files thanks to the high quality of the image.

How to Open .CR2 Files

File extension.CR2
File categoryIMAGE
Useful links
File conversionConvert a CR2 file
DeveloperCanon Inc.
Associated programsPaint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Picasa, digiKam