Create Bootable Image File

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How to make the boot information?

The destination computer starts. It connects to the network. It retrieves the following content from the site:.

The specified task sequence. Any other required content. The architecture of the boot image must be appropriate for the architecture of the destination computer.

For example, an x64 destination computer can boot and run an x86 or x64 boot image. However, an x86 destination computer can boot and run only an x86 boot image.

Make sure that the boot image contains the network and storage drivers that are required to provision the destination computer. For PKI environments, since you specify the root certificate authority (CA) at the primary site, make sure to create the bootable media at the primary site.

The central administration site (CAS) doesn't have the root CA information to properly create the bootable media.

For more technical information on this issue, see Sending with winhttp failed 80072f8f error in Smsts.log during OS deployment by using bootable or prestaged media.

In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace, expand Operating Systems, and select the Task Sequences node.

On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Create group, select Create Task Sequence Media. This action starts the Create Task Sequence Media Wizard.

On the Select Media Type page, specify the following options:.

Select Bootable media. Optionally, if you want to only allow the OS to be deployed without requiring user input, select Allow unattended operating system deployment.

When you select this option, the user isn't prompted for network configuration information or for optional task sequences.

If you configure the media for password protection, the user is still prompted for a password.

On the Media Management page, specify one of the following options:. Dynamic media: Allow a management point to redirect the media to another management point, based on the client location in the site boundaries.

Site-based media: The media only contacts the specified management point.

On the Media Type page, specify whether the media is a Removable USB drive or a CD/DVD set.

WinISO Standard 6: