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TBH I think the onus is on the WebPack team for making the decision to NOT include the pollyfills any longer.

Does a vanilla CRA application download and run with react-scripts v5? If so, the issue then would be on any component library or code written that expects these pollyfills to be present while WebPack has since stopped including them.

Frankly, the WebPack team should have made a better effort at providing warnings during builds etc as it came across a polyfill that was identified to be removed, hence providing a smoother way out of this situation.

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  1. The solution for me was to include these pollyfills as dev dependencies manually. To sum it up, this issue, if it hasn't already been, should also be taken up with the WebPack team.
  2. Just my opinion here.. In regard to the WebPack team, just expecting developers to know all the intricacies of decisions being made that are aware or unaware they're using your tooling, justified or not, is not doing any service for any developer.
  3. To find yourself in this situation that could have been prevented. For instance, 5.0 started with warnings and at 5.5 it committed to removing those dependencies.
  4. When projects do this I think they make that kind of decision without consideration for it's full effect comes off as callous and egotistical/"Karen-esque" (we know better than you what's best for you).

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If there were warnings like mentioned above in previous versions, then I'd take back my above statement - I could be very wrong and publicly making a fool out of myself 😅.

It feels to me like a lack of stewardship for JS here is all and it's frustrating to be on the receiving side of it.

Modified2 months ago. I have Create-react-app version 1.4.3 installed.

When I try to create a new App , I get the following messages in the command prompt. Please help me find and fix the issue.

2525 bronze badges. I was faced this same problem . It is due to the issue with npm . please run the following command in command Line .

If your problem still exist then switch from npm to yarn. run the following commands, it solved my problem.

Alex VargheseAlex Varghese. It looks like you need admin privileges to write some of the generated files. Can you create a terminal instance with administrator rights then reissue the command?

1313 gold badges144144 silver badges193193 bronze badges.

193193 bronze badges. You probably had "create-react-app" running before, which was the problem in my case anyway.

The way I solved this was using npm cache clean --force and ran create-react-app my-app again. Tobi AdedipeTobi Adedipe.

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I suspect NPM has an issue. However, this was how I was able to resolve it. Follow this steps:. 8686 bronze badges. 8686 bronze badges.

Just run this one command to resolve issue:. 5050 bronze badges. This is due to the network issues try to download all dependency one by one or try to clean cache "npm cache clean --force" after this try to create an appnpx create-react-app .

But your internet connection should be stable. vikky singhvikky singh.

I tried the npm cache clean --force and the yarn route but, neither worked. What worked for me was running Powershell as Administrator then entering:.

william torreswilliam torres. I also faced same issue and I rectified it using the commentgiven below:.

After this comment try:npx create-react-app project_name. JOSEPH JOHNJOSEPH JOHN.

9797 bronze badges. I had the same problem and this was solved to me with these steps:. Be sure that you have the lastest version of Node.js installed.

npm install -gcreate-react-app. create-react-app client-app --use-npm or npx create-react-app client-app --use-npm.

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i hope it helped.. Carlos Andrew Costa BezerraCarlos Andrew Costa Bezerra.

Emmanuel AdebayoEmmanuel Adebayo. I was also facing the same issue, here is how I fixed it : 1. I first cleaned my cache using the --force keyword 2.

I reinstalled create-react-app globally 3. I recreated my app.

clean your cache. Reinstall create-react-app globally. Recreate your app. Desire KalebaDesire Kaleba.

For me, i wasn't connected to the internet when i tried to run 'create-react-app', so i connected and tried it, it worked, i'm guessing it needed to install some packages from the internet.

Tobi AdedipeTobi Adedipe. i was facing similar error but i tried to run create-react-app command many times and finally it was created , this was the problem with my internet connection.

check your inernet connection. chandra mohanchandra mohan.

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I also encountered with the same problem, According to the error, you have a problem with your npm.

Try this command. just take an example of my command. Vidit VarshneyVidit Varshney.

All you need is npm cache clean --force. In my case, it happened when I aborted a wrong command I initiated. Then I ran npm cache clean --force and the cache was cleaned; after that, I ran my npx create-react-app and it worked perfectly as it should.

Quick tip: Uninstall create-react-app from your machine like so, npm un -g create-react-app and run npx create-react-app instead of npm create-react-app any time you want to create a new react app.

Reason: npx will always use the latest version of create-react-app to create a new react app for your project, and npx uninstalls/removes the create-react-app package from your machine when it's done.

Don't worry, it takes about 20 seconds to install the create-react-app package, so.. Do not forget to npm cache clean --force when npx create-react-app goes bananas (i.e.

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refuses to work). I faced the same problem, and I did these to solve the problem;.

npm clean cache --force.. this didn't work.. I returned a warning npm WARN using --forcing recommended protection disable.

I ignored that and did and reinstalled create-react-app globally by running;npm i -g create-react-app. I created my app(project name) by running;create-react-app my-app-name.

I believe this should work for you.. I face the same issue.I Try this But it does not work for menpm cache clean --force.

So uninstall Nodeand install the latest version. It's worked for meHope it works for you :). Shehraz ArainShehraz Arain. I resolved the same issue by changing the timeout time to greater than 30000npx create-react-app appname -timeout=90000.

Mohammad BilalMohammad Bilal. This problem happens because any command was running / crash after you write any command.

So, this should work. 2525 bronze badges. To address all issues, run:npm audit fix. Run npm audit for details.PS C:\Users\Prajjwal Singh\OneDrive\Desktop\Prog\HTML\CWH\REACT JS> create-react-app ass.

Creating a new React app in C:\Users\Prajjwal Singh\OneDrive\Desktop\Prog\HTML\CWH\REACT JS\ass. 'npm' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.Installing react, react-dom, and react-scripts..

'npm' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.

Aborting installation.npm install --no-audit --save --save-exact --loglevel error react react-dom [email protected] has failed. Deleting generated file..

package.jsonDeleting ass/ from C:\Users\Prajjwal Singh\OneDrive\Desktop\Prog\HTML\CWH\REACT JS. Prajjwal SinghPrajjwal Singh. 242242 bronze badges.

I was facing same problem, i solved creating project inside my user directoryC:\Users\myuser\project.

It looks like a permission problem. Marcio JuniorMarcio Junior. Modified3 months ago.

OP EDIT: If anyone else comes across this: the app was created using create-react-app, which limits importing to within the src folder.

However if you upgrade react-scripts to v1.0.11 it does let you access package.json. I'm trying to get the version number from package.json in my app.

I've already tried these suggestions, but none of them have worked as I can't access package.json from outside the src folder (might be due to React, I'm new to this).

Moving package.json into src then means I can't run npm install, npm version minor, and npm run build from my root folder.

I've tried using process.env.npm_package_version but that results in undefined. I'm using Jenkins, and I haven't set it up to push the commits up yet, but the only idea I have is to get the version from the tags in GitLab, but I have no idea how to do that, and it would add unnecessary dependency to the repo, so I would really like to find an alternative.

EDIT: My file structure is like:. So to access package.json from Root.js I have to do import packageJson from './././package.json' and then I get the following error: .

./src/components/Root.js . Module not found: You attempted to import ./././package.json which falls outside of the project src/ directory.

Relative imports outside of src/ are not supported. You can either move it inside src/, or add a symlink to it from project's node_modules/.

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6060 bronze badges. 3,30344 gold badges1616 silver badges1717 bronze badges. 1616 silver badges1717 bronze badges. Solving this without importing and exposing package.json to the create-react-app.

Requires: version 1.1.0+ of create-react-app. Note: the version (and many other npm config params) can be accessed.