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Unfortunately, people who have given this product low ratings have no idea how to set it up for maximum performance!
  • "Older TV's" were specifically mentioned as the marketing target.
  • But apparently what very few people realize, is that HDMI cables have a very big problem in general ..
  • and that is, they are usually very short!
  • So, you can forget about connecting HDMI cables to TV's that are 25 feet or more away from the HDMI signal source, whether that signal source is a DVR, or a DVD player, Blue Ray player, or a cable box.
  • But this product takes HDMI signals and outputs them on analog TV channel 3.
  • What almost nobody knows, is that all TV's in the united states use the NTSC-M method of signal transfer.
NTSC-M must be selected in the pop-up menu, or your picture will be terrible, flickering, and mostly without color!
But what really makes this product outstanding, is that it will allow you to ideally adjust your picture for whatever TV you are trying to display it on, regardless whether that TV is brand new, or an antique from the 1960's!
The picture can be adjusted (independently), in Hsize (horizontal size), Vsize (vertical size), brightness, contrast, saturation (color level), hue (tint), and sharpness!

Furthermore, since the output is RF (only analog TV channel 3), if you use a cable splitter (or even better, an amplified splitter), you could connect multiple TV's to the output signal, and have virtually perfect pictures on numerous TV's throughout your house or building!
Is it 1080P on every TV? No, it's not, but the picture certainly is pleasing and the color is very good too, especially considering all the adjustment possibilities the remote control offers!
I personally use a remote control extender, so I can control all the adjustable options from a distance, and even from a different floor!
One way to cause problems with this device, is to plug in an HDMI source BEFORE connecting the power supply.

  • That would be asking for trouble!
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The bottom line (for me), is this device deserves five stars for overall results, for HDMI quality via TV channel 3!