Creative Fatal1ty Microphone

Posted on  by admin
I have had a creative fatal1ty headset since last october and its been amazing. Recently the microphone has stopped working and i dont know why.
I have:checked its not mutedchecked volume is upchecked its the selected input devicetested on a different computer (it doesnt work)tested a different headset on this computer (it DOES work)I have guessed at:Damaged mic (even though i take care of it)lose connection between jack and wire.
  • Please help me out here because I really need the headset for gaming and keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • Wearing ComfortThe Creative FATAL1TY features plush velvet earpads and generous head padding for maximum comfort, especially perfect for extended gaming sessions.
  • Removable MicrophoneRemove the microphone on the Creative FATAL1TY for protection or tidiness. The wise design extends the microphone life and provides flexibility in using the headphone alone.