Creative G5 Software

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Amazing sound coming from this portable DAC/AMP sound card! Previously was using the Sound Blaster Z card, but my model was missing the 600Ohm headphone amp, so I decided to get this instead of another PCIe card, also, the Z card just wasn't able to run my Beyerdynamic DT 990 250Ohm headphones without having to adjust the volume higher, and even then it sounded like it was missing some details in the audio. Overall, this has been working very well! The 7.1 virtual surround sounds much better than the Z card, with the virtual surround set to around 25/100. Even with my speakers, the surround sounds better than the Z card.Had a couple of hiccups with the setup though. Windows 10 was able to recognize the device as a sound card right away, but even after downloading the software from the Creative support site, it still wasn't outputing audio. Doing a quick forum search, someone suggested going to Device Manager, have it check for Hardware Changes, then I manually went to the Sound drop-down and had Windows manually check for new drivers, which it found. I then restarted the PC and it booted with audio! Can confirm it works with Windows 10 Home Premium. Very happy with this device!