Creative Iroar Go Review

Posted on  by admin
I've been an audiophile for a very long time. I bought my first high-end audio system at age 18, and have owned many since. Back then it was a science. He talked about signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range and total harmonic distortion. We anxiously awaited innovative products. Every once in a while something would come out of left field and the entire industry would be astounded. I place this little speaker into that category......innovation out of left field. I never imagined a small, two pound speaker system with bi-amplification. Until now, this has been reserved for very high-powered and very expensive audio systems. That's why I bought this little speaker.....curiosity. And this from Creative Labs?! Don't they make computer parts? Hmmm.......worth a look....and a listen.
I was looking for something with decent sound quality (for a small speaker) to replace my current travel speaker, which sounds good, but weighs almost five pounds. Reading through the other reviews it seems that people expect concert hall volume and clarity out of the smallest of sound systems. That just isn't going to happen. This takes mass and lots of power. I wasn't expecting this at all. I want a speaker that can serve as background music while I'm working away in a hotel room on any of the four continents I travel to regularly (and....the write-up didn't say anything about this speaker coming with a power supply with interchangeable plugs for the US, Europe and the UK!!....but it does, and auto select voltage too).
So, this little speaker arrives from Amazon. I plug it in to charge the battery and play some low volume music through it for five hours (you can ruin a speaker by hitting it hard when its brand new....the glue has to give a little on the drivers). After the break-in, I went straight to the song that I always use to audition an audio system.....True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. It did a very good job with this song. I was impressed. Yes, if you push it very far past the RMS power level (.707 of peak power) it will distort...especially with a severely limited dynamic range source such as Bluetooth. That's to be expected. It's math. I'm an electrical engineer. I do math. I know the limitations the designers face. If you take into consideration the physical size of this speaker, it does an amazing job. A speaker has to move air. The smaller it is, the less air it can move. The designers came up with a passive radiator system on each end that visibly moves!! I wasn't expecting that. I'm impressed, and I'm not easily impressed. To the designers from a colleague.....and I hope you see this.....BRAVO!! This is an overall top quality product.