Creative Iroar Pro

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  • Creative introduced the new Sound Blaster Roar Pro along with the critically acclaimed iRoar.
  • The Roar Pro is the cheaper version but it is still highly anticipated because its predecessor, the Roar 2, was an amazing Bluetooth speaker.
  • Is the Roar Pro really worth the upgrade?
  • We’re going to find out in the review. The Roar Pro looks so similar to the older Creative’s models as it features almost the same design with aluminum chassis, 5 driver system and high-quality materials.
  • Surprisingly, it is more identical to the original Sound Blaster Roar, instead of the more recent Roar 2.
  • You can see that they have the same size, button layout and connections.
  • The speaker comes with some accessories like the proprietary power adapter, auxiliary cable and micro USB cable.
  • On top of the speaker, there are an NFC tag, a battery indicator, Bluetooth/Phone call button, volume up, volume down, ROAR button and Power button.
  • On the back, you still see familiar buttons and ports like AUX in, DC Out, micro USB port, microSD slot, recording buttons, playback buttons, Tera Bass button and USB Audio/Mass Storage switch.
  • There is actually a new switch here to change among 3 preset audio profiles, which are Warm, Neutral and Energetic.
  • Similar to other Creative speakers, you can play music from your computer via the micro USB cable, from a microSD card, wirelessly from your mobile device or any other source via the AUX audio cable.
  • Creative also uses the same 6,000mAh battery for the speaker, however, the battery life is slightly improved thanks to the electrical efficiency in the circuit.
  • It is rated at 10 hours, as compared to 8 hours on older versions. Another notable feature is that it works with iRoar Mic. That means you can transform the speaker into a personal Public Address system. This will be helpful if you need to make presentations, public speaking or teaching in small rooms.
  • You even can have fun with some karaoke sessions and then record your own voice with the built-in recorder.
  • I quite love the sound signature of Creative’s Bluetooth speakers as I find it more balanced and enjoyable than the sound of the Bose Soundlink series. They deserve to be the best wireless speakers in the sub-$200 price range.