Creative Katana X

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For the last 10 years or more I've had my PC hooked up to a number of different AV receivers for 5.1 audio in gaming in the living room, and sometimes hooked up to the TV instead of a monitor.
I usually have the audio output in DTS 5.1 via optical, or through the HDMI from my nVidia GPU.Now I'm married I have to be all grown up and let my wife use the 5.1 setup and TV for watching stuff on Netflix.


It actually didn't do a bad job for its size, but it definitely isn't what I would call an ideal solution (it's designed mostly as a mobile phone or iPod speaker).I've been thinking of getting the X Katana soundbar for a while and read a LOT of reviews over a few weeks, checked out lots of vids on Youtube and they all said more or less the same thing. Great quality, gimicky RGB lighting but great if you like that kinda thing, tacky remote, curious lack of HDMI input, and surprisingly good audio once you tweak it a bit, and maybe ok for using under the TV.After using this for a week or so, I absolutely agree with all the points I read about and saw on the Youtube vids (except for TV/movies as I will never use it with our TV anyway).The build quality is typical of Creative Labs, who's kit I've been using since my first Sound Blaster 16 purchase about 23 years ago.