Creative Lab 2021

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SXFI CARRIER defies the odds of driving high power output in the most compact form factor possible to deliver powerful audio reproduction without distortion—a feat that is unachievable without expertise, patience, and specially-crafted audio components.

The soundbar features a 7-driver system where each driver in the soundbar is individually driven by its own dedicated DSP-controlled amplifier.

The arrangement of these drivers follows closely to a Dolby-designed acoustics concept, each crafted using top-notch, audiophile-grade components to deliver high-resolution audio for the ultimate home cinema experience. The soundbar is accompanied by the redesigned, compact yet powerful wireless subwoofer to deliver the requisite bass performance that completes a compelling soundbar solution, and that can rival the real cinema experience.

The Dolby-designed acoustics concept wouldn't have been possible without our very own team's cutting-edge electronics design and audio engineering know-how. Together with Dolby, and after a series of iterative modifications and listening tests to determine the design parameters, the SXFI CARRIER is finally here.

As a kid growing up in the 80s, I didn’t need to look far to notice the innovations coming from Japan.

From the Sony Walkman to my Casio calculator for school, the term “made in Japan” stood for quality and innovation.

Today, Japan is still driving technology breakthroughs such as the use of AI to boost Japan’s declining fertility rates to the use of robot assistants in nursing homes and offices.

But while some tech and manufacturing companies in Japan may be continuing their heritage of innovation, Japan’s oldest and largest trading companies — the sōgō shōshas — are needing to navigate their way towards a more innovative future.

Silicon Valley Meets TokyoI’m sure you don’t think of startup creation when you think of a sōgō shōsha, the very large vertically integrated trading companies that are unique to Japan.

They are known for their global networks primarily running logistics, finance and risk management for the businesses they manage or invest in.

The sōgō shōshas have been facing pressure on their business model since the 1970s, when manufacturers began cutting them out as “middlemen.” Today, in the age of digital transformation, these large conglomerates are looking for new ways to create value and new business opportunities.

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Mitsui & Co., one of the largest sōgō shōshas in Japan, operates a global network of 507 companies with 133 offices worldwide. This global network spans across 65 countries and employs more than 45,000 employees. It is an investment and trading powerhouse to be sure, but not exactly known for creating businesses from scratch or from “zero-to-one” — until Moon Creative Lab. Moon Creative Lab was founded by Mitsui in 2018 with the vision of helping Mitsui move from “connecting” to “creating.” It’s a bold vision considering that Mitsui has been “connecting” large-scale investments for large-scale projects for decades — and with that storied history comes a certain mindset and way of working.