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Student Access

No activation necessary. Download Adobe CC apps, login as with your Enterprise ID (crimson email address and myBama password) and start making creative work with Adobe Creative Cloud!

Faculty/Staff Access

UA faculty and staff can activate their accounts to get started. Once your account is activated, download Adobe CC apps and sign in with your Enterprise credentials.

UA faculty and staff have the option of choosing from an Adobe Acrobat account or an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Most faculty and staff require an Adobe Acrobat account. Faculty and staff who have a need to use Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and other creative tools may use an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Please note that Adobe Creative Cloud does also include Acrobat.

Training & Tutorials

Adobe provides video trainings and tutorials for many of their tools. Visit the links below to get started.

Check out what other schools are doing with Adobe on the Adobe Education Exchange.

UA faculty and staff can receive additional training through the UA LMS LinkedIn Learning portal.

Get Started – Creative Cloud Express

Wondering where to start with Adobe apps? Visit Creative Cloud Express. Creative Cloud Express is a template-driven platform that makes it easier than ever before to create professional and captivating designs.

Creative Cloud Express combines the powers of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe PDF tools into one application, allowing users to create social media posts, promotional posters, videos and more. Creative Cloud Express has a similar look and functionality as Adobe Spark, but with new assets and editing features.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide for you on how to create a page in Creative Cloud Express. Get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UA Enterprise email address?

For faculty and staff, your Enterprise email address is your [email protected] email address. For students, it is your Crimson email address.

What if I already have an Adobe ID?

In order to obtain the UA licensed Adobe software at no charge, you will need to login with an Enterprise Account. Please follow the steps above to set up your account.

What if I already have an Adobe Creative Cloud Apps on my machine?

That’s great, you do not have to download new apps. You will simply need to login with your Enterprise Account to authenticate your applications.

Why do I get the message that I am using a free trial?

Chances are, you might have logged in as a Personal Account rather than with a Company or School account. Log out, and log back in after choosing “Company or School Account”. You will then login with your myBama username and password and be able to use the software under UA’s enterprise license.

How do I migrate content stored online with my personal Adobe ID account to the UA Enterprise account?

Adobe has helpful information on their website for backing up accounts and transferring assets.

Can I use my Adobe login on multiple devices?

Enterprise ID licenses allow for two active installations on two different devices.

Why am I getting a message that I already have an account?

You may have previously created an Adobe ID with your email address. You will need to create a new Adobe Enterprise Account in order to use the version provided to faculty and staff at no cost. Click the button above and follow the steps to get started.

Why am I getting a message that my username is not valid?

Students should enter their full Crimson email address, faculty and staff should enter their [email protected] email address. The application will not recognize just usernames, rather complete UA email addresses.

Why must students have an Adobe ID to use Adobe in computer labs?

UA has a shared device license to provide Adobe software in computer labs. An Adobe ID is required to access and use Adobe software. Students can quickly create an Adobe ID on the Adobe website, or they can login with an existing Adobe ID.

I am graduating. Can I keep the content I have created in Adobe?

Yes! We encourage all graduating students to create a personal Adobe account and migrate all work from their UA account to a personal account upon graduation from the University. More information on this process is available on Adobe’s website.

Lab Admins

Lab Administrators may install Adobe on shared machines in a lab or student environment. To be granted access to this procedure, please contact the IT Service Desk.