Creative Labs Speakers

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Upgrade your home sound system with Creative Labs speakers and soundbars. Choose from a range of designs and speaker sizes to fit in with your existing setup. High-performance drivers deliver balanced audio technology in both desktop and portable speakers, and let you change the volume output without sacrificing quality. Select speakers also come with multiple connection options, including the familiar USB®, Bluetooth® and auxiliary selections.

Creative Labs Speakers Offer Size Options and Portability

Creative Labs desktop speakers offer a minimalistic approach to high-quality sound equipment that blends in with your modern desk and PC setup. Many desktop speakers come in small sizes to slot in beside your PC to save space. Models with BassFlex™ technology negate the need for a third bass unit, further cutting down on space requirements. A Creative Labs soundbar slips unobtrusively beneath your monitor or TV, delivering a more compact setup without sacrificing quality sound. For a more intense look for gaming, personalize your soundbars with vibrant, in-built Red, Green, Blue (RGB) lighting capabilities. Consider a Creative Labs Bluetooth speaker that provides a waterproof casing so you can take your music outdoors. The lightweight and durable design lets these portable speakers excel in outside environments, and with up to 10 hours of battery life, you can listen with minimal interruption. Double your auditory enjoyment and set up your own portable surround sound system by creating a stereo wireless link and sharing the music with nearby portable speakers.

Creative Labs Speakers Offer Powerful Drivers and Directional Sound Designs

The high-performance audio drivers in Creative Labs units balance the sound no matter which volume you select, letting you listen in full clarity. Select drivers also enhance the dynamics of a tablet or MP3 player. Other models of desktop speakers utilize design angles for optimal sound direction. The speakers deliver music straight to your ear, providing an immersive listening experience. Choose from speaker models with amplified technology designed to bring audio to every corner of the room. Connect a Creative Labs soundbar to your existing audio setup easily with USB ports. To quickly achieve surround sound, consider a home-theater-in-a-box system for your home audio theater, or shop components to customize your sound. Increase your immersion and privacy by plugging headphones straight into your speaker device.

Creative Labs Connectivity Options Provide A Simple Setup

Connect your Creative Labs desktop speakers easily to your PC with USB-C connection cables for high-quality audio. A USB-C connection also powers your device, and removes the need for a power cable or battery. Remote control compatibility with certain models lets you modify your home audio speaker settings at a distance. Standard auxiliary connections are available for most Creative Lab models, allowing you to connect your new device easily to existing setups. For a wireless system of up to 10 meters distance, connect your Creative Labs equipment using Bluetooth technology. Consider models that can play audio straight from a USB connection or an MP3 integrated audio player.