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What to Look for in a Private Label/Custom Manufacturer

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Pandemic or not, USC researchers continue to make discoveries that are changing people’s lives. Reasoning and creativity challenge the USC artificial intelligence researchers who are working to improve human-centric AI. The metaverse will be an extension of the virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technology already in use today. Read this article at Written on February 25, 2020 by Matt Bach.

Includes support for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, After Effects, and Premiere Pro benchmarks. Puchase indiviual license ($550)Photoshop | Lightroom Classic | After Effects | Premiere Pro.

All licenses are per technician and valid for the current beta and future 1.x versions. Adobe's Creative Cloud suite includes industry leading applications for graphic design, photography, video editing, and a host of other creative workflows.


Even though these applications are all developed by Adobe, each utilizes the hardware in a computer in very different and unique ways. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to determine exactly what hardware will give the end user the best possible performance. To address the need for comprehensive, repeatable, and consistent benchmark testing, Puget Systems is developing benchmarks that are designed to thoroughly test many of Adobe's most popular applications using real-world projects and workflows.

In fact, these are the same benchmarks we use to publish regular hardware articles looking at the performance of the latest CPU, GPU, and other hardware components. The world of computing is vast, however, and there is no way we can feasibly test every possible combination of hardware available. Since we care so deeply about improving and furthering both the workstation and content creation industries as a whole, we have decided to make many of our benchmarks available for public download.

While we do have free versions that allow individuals to evaluate the performance of their own systems, we also have specific commercial use versions that include features that are often desired by those performing testing for commercial applications (system reviewers, hardware/software developers, workstation manufacturers, etc.).

Download PugetBench for Adobe CC User Guide.