Creative Sb X Fi Titanium

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But sound cards are sound cards, right? You wouldn't expect much difference between one and the other. Well, Creative would like to disagree with that. Creative's E-mu division has a lot of experience in the pro audio field, and a lot of the technology produced there trickles down into Creative's high-end consumer audio cards, including this: the X-Fi Titanium HD. While Auzentech and Asus have had "audiophile" cards on the market for some time, it's taken Creative quite a while to catch up. Like cards from those two manufacturers, the Titanium HD also caters to tweakers, with features like swappable op-amps enabling users to experiment with different sounds, but this isn't the most interesting thing about the card. The Titanium HD is a high-end PCI Express x1 card, and includes features friendly to home cinemas and home recordists.