Creative Sound Blaster G6 Software

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EDIT: Resolved. I've found that uninstalling all Creative software from my computer-> booting into Safe Mode to install the Sound Blaster Connect has actually resolved this issue. I was able to re-enable fast boot within Windows, and disable deep sleep states S4 and S5 without further issue.

For whatever reason, installing this software within Safe Mode seems to be the key to getting my G6 to be recognized on startup, maintaining all settings without issue. This is something that Creative should probably be looking into. Hello everyone,. I recently purchased a Sound Blaster G6 and I love it, however I'm having an issue with it.

Every time I start up my computer for the day, the Sound Blaster Connect 2 app doesn't recognize the G6.

I've tried using the included cable, my own cables, I've played around with different sleep states on the BIOS and in Windows, but I cannot get this software to see it on boot.