Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro

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  • Designed as an advancement of the previously reviewed Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 speaker, the Roar Pro claims to offer five internal drivers, abilities to become a portable P.A.
  • system, and further advanced features that we've come to expect from the Sound Blaster name.
  • With the 'Pro' tag comes advanced features, internals, and price.
  • The Roar 2 scored highly in my previous tests, and I'm interested in seeing where Creative has taken this product.
  • This feature rich speaker will be analyzed from many different angles.

What's Not


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Creative introduced the new Sound Blaster Roar Pro along with the critically acclaimed iRoar. The Roar Pro is the cheaper version but it is still highly anticipated because its predecessor, the Roar 2, was an amazing Bluetooth speaker.Is the Roar Pro...

By eTeknix on 90

Creative has once again proven they’re the masters of their craft. It may look quite small, but the Roar Pro has all the power and performance you’ll need to fill the room with sound, making it great for work in the office, conference calls, public speaking (PA mode), parties and much more. Highly recommended!

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Taking all that we love about the Roar to a professional level, alone it features various improvements over the original Roar, but when combined with the iRoar Mic, it makes for an excellent, compact, wireless PA system.

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The Sound Blaster Roar Pro is precisely what you want to see from an upgraded and improved model of the Roar 2. It looks better, sounds better and offers more features for both audio aficionados and casual users. If you’re on the lookout for something a little more luxurious than the Sound Blaster FRee, then you aren’t likely to find anything better under two hundred bucks than the Sound Blaster Roar Pro.

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While the original Roar nailed the sound quality section, other drawbacks plagued its overall presentation. This review will be looking into similar issues that include accessories, weight, build quality, functions, price, and more.

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Packing five drivers into this one package, Creative has decided to throw in two drivers (one for left and one for right), a dedicated subwoofer, and two side-facing passive bass radiators. What I find a little annoying is that there doesn't seem to be any information regarding what frequency these drivers run at, nor what size they are.

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This feature-rich speaker offers many of the same things as seen with the Sound Blaster Roar 2, giving users the ability to connect through Bluetooth, a memory stick, AUX 3.5mm or SD cards, further offering a micro-USB input port for use with various devices.

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Der Sound Blaster Roar Pro gibt sich klein & mächtig – wie Yoda also, nur stylischer und von wertigem Design. Creative lässt sich die Boxen zur Zeit etwa 180 Euro kosten. Allerdings überzeugen neben der ausschlaggebenden Klangqualität, vor allem die...

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Der Sound Blaster Roar Pro Bluettooth Lautsprecher ist trotz dem jüngst auf 199 reduzierten Preis kein echtes Schnäppchen, bewegt sich dennoch auf dem selben Niveau wie die Mitbewerber von Bose und Beats by Dre. Von Größe und Gewicht her lässt sich der...

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Der Sound Blaster Roar Pro hat viel mehr Funktionen als die bloße Wiedergabe von Audio-Dateien. Demnach eignet sich das gute Stück vor allem für diejenigen, die mehr wollen als einfach „nur“ Musik hören. Die Box ist ein wahres Multi-Funktions-Gadget,...

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For a long while it seemed like the Sound Blaster Roar series would easily remain supreme among portable speakers, but the introduction of new HRA-capable models from companies like Sony at comparable price points means that Creative now has strong...

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Der Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro überzeugt uns im Test auf ganzer Linie. Vor allem die Ausstattungsliste ist nahezu lückenlos. Auch das aufpreispflichtige Mikrofon iRoar Mic hinterlässt einen guten Eindruck. Als Kritikpunkte führen wir das fehlende...

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Other ports on this product include a 15V wall charger connection and a 5A 1A USB charging outlet. Providing recording features once again, users can record directly to external storage through this speaker, providing recording, pause, and microphone mute buttons.

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Other top-facing buttons include music play/pause, song skip, loop or shuffle, pre-set equalizer enhancements, a switch between USB Audio and Mass storage, and finally the option to turn off and on the Sound Blaster TeraBass enhancement.