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Grâce au BlasterX Acoustic Engine, la Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming Series offre à vos oreilles des niveaux de réalisme audio sans précédent pour une expérience de jeu immersive. Des basses profondes et puissantes et un son surround ajoutent des dimensions et un réalisme incomparables à votre jeu.

Pour télécharger le logiciel BlasterX Acoustic Engine, Veuillez sélectionner votre produit. * Le entièrement personnalisable BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro est disponible pour Sound BlasterX H7, Sound BlasterX G5 et Sound BlasterX G1.

Le BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite intègre des profils préconfigurés et est disponible pour les autres casques analogiques de la Sound BlasterX series.

Nous avons envoyé à votre adresse électronique un e-mail comportant le lien de téléchargement et le code d'activation. Vous devriez le recevoir dans l'heure qui suit. Cette adresse e-mail est déjà utilisée.

Veuillez vous enregistrer en utilisant une autre adresse e-mail. Release:Publisher:Developer:Genre: PEGI:Comments:. USER SCORE0Based on0 ratings. The Sound BlasterX G5 looks phenomenal out of the box, and my first impressions were fairly positive.

With many connectivity ports and a small design, I can see why it will be such an attractive product for consumers. The device has a number of connectivity ports, including a Optical Line In and Optical Line Out, USB and micro USB ports. On the front of the device, there are dedicated microphone and headphone jacks, as well as a stylish volume control dial.

Along the side of the devices are the toggle switches for Scout Mode, SBX, and the gain level – from low to high. Packaged with the devices is a USB to mirco-USB cable, and optical cable, and the customary paperwork that comes along with these products.

One of the more beneficial items in the box – and this goes for most Creative speaker products – is the handy flow chart for how to hook your device up in various set-up situations!

The device supports 5.1 and 7.1 natively, which is huge for this price point!

Using the Device. After following the easy setup guide, I was all ready to try out the Sound BlasterX G5 device, and from my early tests, there is a marketed difference between using my computer’s built in sound card, and using this device.

Everything with the device is a bit more clean and crisp, allowing me to pick up sounds I normally never would if not using the device, including the sounds of footsteps behind me in first person shooter games, and a much more defined sound when listening to dialogue in games. While the difference in PC sound was great, I really wanted to give this a try on my Xbox One and Playstation 4, as my computer specs natively were better than both of my console systems.

If you own a PS4 or an Xbox One, and have a setup that would allow you to hook up a sound card and run a wire across the room to where you are sitting, I cannot recommend this product enough.

The audio difference between my headset plugged into my controller natively compared to having it passed through the G5 is huge. While over time on my PC, the extra wires and hassle might not ultimately be worth it, it is definitely worth it when playing on consoles. I passed on testing the Sound BlasterX G5 with music as I’m not sure that is the intended audience for the device. Although we will look at this aspect in a separate article – which we will link from here at a later date – I think the product is aimed at gamers. Creative themselves make much better devices purely for audio playback, and I’m not sure the G5 is built to replace any of those units.

From a few quick tests, yes, there is a marketable difference between audio through my PC and audio through the Sound BlasterX unit. If that’s what you want, rest assured the quality of the audio will be top notch.

I’m just not sure that is what Creative envisioned when they built this product. Like with all Creative products, Creative’s desktop software is easy to use. Once the drivers for your device have been installed, it is easy to setup presets for your devices to maximise your audio experience. If you are using the G5 on PC and are not taking advantage of the software Creative has for download, you are missing out on an even better audio experience.

Although this software has the appearance of complication, it really is easy to understand! You can’t go wrong with many of Creative’s products, and the Sound BlasterX G5 is no different. With a superior build, lots of connectivity options, and a fairly easy setup process, there isn’t a whole lot to dislike about this package.

For only 149.99, you can easily enhance your audio experience across the board, whether you use this specifically for playing games, or for everything you do on your PC, Xbox One, or PS4. Amazing sound coming from this portable DAC/AMP sound card! Previously was using the Sound Blaster Z card, but my model was missing the 600Ohm headphone amp, so I decided to get this instead of another PCIe card, also, the Z card just wasn't able to run my Beyerdynamic DT 990 250Ohm headphones without having to adjust the volume higher, and even then it sounded like it was missing some details in the audio.

Overall, this has been working very well! The 7.1 virtual surround sounds much better than the Z card, with the virtual surround set to around 25/100. Even with my speakers, the surround sounds better than the Z card.Had a couple of hiccups with the setup though. Windows 10 was able to recognize the device as a sound card right away, but even after downloading the software from the Creative support site, it still wasn't outputing audio.

Doing a quick forum search, someone suggested going to Device Manager, have it check for Hardware Changes, then I manually went to the Sound drop-down and had Windows manually check for new drivers, which it found. I then restarted the PC and it booted with audio!

Can confirm it works with Windows 10 Home Premium.

Very happy with this device!

The software is well designed for all the different customisations you wish to do with the amp. Such as customising a profile preset, equaliser modes and even tweaking the voice FX. However, as stated in my introduction I had problems with the software. Both my work and home PCs run on Windows 10 64-bit and both of which at one point were able to use the G5 as a dedicated output. Unfortunately, after having the replacement sent to me, the new G5 doesn’t pick-up properly on my home PC – even with a full driver uninstall etc.

Funnily enough, the old G5 actually is picked up flawlessly by my PC, but due to it having hardware problems, doesn’t output sound – typical!

This lead me to once again look on the internet, and yet again I found reviews and people who purchased the G5 complaining about its drivers. It seems that it doesn’t want to be picked up on all machines, even if the machines are running the exact same operating system. U don’t know what the cause is, but it seems that Creative have to look into the software side of things too, as not all users will be able to fully rely on the amp being picked up by their machines.

The sound quality of the amp is good – whereby I found the overall sound reproduction and imaging to be well presented. As said before, the high/low gain modes work perfectly and enable you to drive high impedance headphones.

However, the sound quality isn’t perfect – analysing it as an audiophile and comparing it to other amps, even receivers such as my Denon X500, I found the G5 to be good, but not extraordinary for its price of £130.

I found the soundstage to be one of its biggest let down, where the sound felt a little closed and didn’t have as much width or depth that I would have liked it to have. Sure, you can enable the SBX functionality, but as said before it severely dampens the other frequency traits.

I would have therefore liked a little more openness and fluidity in its instrument separation. Comparing it to a truly portable headphone amplifier, like the Digizoid ZO2 or even FiiO products, I didn’t feel the G5 brought anything to the table, which would make me overlook it over the other headphone amps on the market.

In terms of its sound frequency traits, I found the lows to be decent, with a reasonably good extension into the sub-bass regions. The mid-bass had good control and wasn’t overly warm or bloated.

The mids were a little recessed and made the overall sound presentation slightly V-shaped, which meant that it would suit the average gamer and listen perfectly, but wouldn’t truly impress an audiophile. That said, given its price of £130, I wasn’t expecting a perfectly neutral sound frequency.

Moving on to its highs, I found them to extend well and provide a nice sparkle – they weren’t overly sibilant nor over emphasised, resulting in a comfortable and pleasant high-frequency experience – this would especially be relevant for gamers, listening out for vocals or even minor footsteps.

Overall, the sound quality is good of the amp, but it’s not something I would say is a must-buy over the other headphone amps you can buy on the market, especially ones which are portable and can double up as a desktop DAC too (and be found at a similar price!).

Overall, I was in a love, hate relationship with the G5. In one hand, I really liked the functionalities it had and its decent sound quality performance, especially for gamers who intend to use it for listening to precise sounds like footsteps through Scout Mode.

However, given my hardware problems and then software problems on another PC, it just seems that this G5 is riddled with problems and I feel that Creative should just re-create another version which addresses all the problems and ensures there’s no problem with their units with solid quality assurance and control. As I’m not the only one, I can safely say that it’s a problem with the product line, not a one-off problem that only occurs to some people.

I could have seen myself recommending the G5 for gamers, but given that this is a desktop amp, that doesn’t really present all that much extra, I think most gamers would just opt for a internal sound card, which can be found for much cheaper and offer more distinct sound quality traits.

Hope you enjoyed my review!