Creative Sound Blasterx G6

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Getting a sound boost on a PC used to be invasive – requiring you to buy and install a sound card to get the best audio from your PC. Portable DACs and amplifiers have made it easier to veer away from built-in tinny sound, but console gamers haven't always been so lucky.

But that's a problem Creative’s new Sound BlasterX G6 hopes to solve. Somewhere in between an external sound card, amplifier and exceptional DAC, this thing is anything but a one-trick pony. Whether you fancy yourself a PC or console gamer, the G6 doesn’t discriminate. Creative made it versatile enough to work with Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch. The beauty of it is the other end is agnostic: Plug in any pair of headphones, from expensive cans to a cheap pair of earbuds, and the difference is audible.