Creative Sound Blasterx Katana 2.1

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Q: QuestionCan Creative SoundBlaster X2.1 be attached to 4k TV with a cable or must it use Blue Tooth. If so, what kind of cable? A:AnswerIt has an optical TosLink connector on it. You can use that to connect from your TV no problem. Q: QuestionDoes this unit have an auto-off feature? I loath my Polk audio unit because it shuts itself off after 10 minutes of no activity and you can't disable that feature. Q: QuestionIs this v2? They released a newer version sometime this year. A:AnswerIt is not the V2. The shape of the V2 bar is different. The V2 is also very hard to come by due to limited availability from supply shortages.

The V2 is also about $100 more expensive than this one. Q: QuestionCan I hook these up to a computer monitor. A:AnswerYes, you can hook this up to a computer monitor. Q: QuestionDoes Best Buy offer a extended warranty on this system? I do not see a offering to select. Q: QuestionCan I use this on my TV? Q: QuestionCan I connect this to a projector via the 3.5 Jack mentioned? Is that an input or output? Q: QuestionCan bluetooth wireless headphones be added to soundbar? The Katana was the first speaker to ever catch me off guard and inspire *pure delight* by its spacial audio.