Creative Sound Blasterx Katana Soundbar

Posted on  by admin

The Katana was the first speaker to ever catch me off guard and inspire *pure delight* by its spacial audio. I could actually feel the sound moving around me in ways another speaker is yet able to achieve. The bass was warm and filled all the right spaces. The lights were subtle yet just enough in solid mode. I was seriously smitten; but absolutely CRUSHED when the mids suddenly started dropping out at random, as if someone covered / muffled the speakers. This happened with both the USB and optical cables, both inside and outside of games (FFXIV in particular), and even with only Spotify playing a track with no other programs running after a fresh restart.

I tried updating audio drivers (for Realtek audio on Gigabyte z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce motherboard), tweaked settings in Creative Sound Blaster Connect 2 software (which took AGES to load.), so many computer restarts, speaker firmware resets, working with Creative's tech support.. Nothing worked consistently. The sound would restore and drop out again, at random.Though I ended up returning the Katana, when the sound worked, it was *light years* better than Logitech g560, but I'd say a bit behind Logitech z906 - though I'm still convinced none did spacial audio as well as Katana.

I'm keeping the z906 since they're more full, sound pretty fantastic, and definitely have stereo channels on lock; but those magical, dazzling 3D moments.

I really will miss you.The attached video shows the same track when the audio worked, vs when it didn't.