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If one split second could change your gameplay and emerge victorious, it would be that second when you hear your opponents beyond what you see. And Scout Mode does just that.

Sound is the essential component that helps you make the informed decision to strategize your gameplay. The aim of Scout Mode is to enhance the aural hearing but not at the expense of overall gaming experience. Scout Mode works in such a way that it doesn’t focus on specific audio events at the expense of other events that could be important in your gaming experience. Subtle audio events will be enhanced at times so that you hear better – you can map audio events to follow the action and position yourself precisely.

An audio event is the result of an in-game action. When you reload a weapon in Counter-Strike, audio events are generated in real-time to accompany the visuals on screen. Scout Mode constantly analyzes your gaming environment, and when it detects a change of events within your environment, it adjusts the settings intelligently.

Every element of the Scout Mode technology is designed to improve your response trigged by audio events during gameplay. It begins with amplifying or attenuating the audio stream by analyzing audio content and channel information via a proprietary algorithm so you can detect and react to the slightest movement.

The algorithm is designed to improve in-game audio events such as footsteps, speech, and weaponry handling acoustic characteristics without involving the use of explicit frequency shaping – for a complete gaming experience.

Scout Mode is characterized by near-original audio environmental preservation, so you hear a faithful reproduction of audio that resembles a real-life environment. For the beginners, there’s the rapid amplitude feature that helps you avoid prolonged boosts to sudden audio events in your gameplay. As you embark on your quest, whether to defeat your enemies or getting a cure for a man-made plague, there are little subtle audio events abound, designed to be part of every game’s framework. This is what Scout Mode is designed for.