Creative X Fi Elite Pro

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I have been a self-proclaimed audiophile for a few years now. My first "high-end" sound card was a rocket-fish 7.1 card containing a cs4382-kqz, it's a excellent dac and one in my top favorites list (TDA1541/1543, CS4398,CS4382-kqz, WM8728). Well I am also a gamer, I'm not very competitive. The part of gaming that I enjoy most is hardware used to render and process the audio and video. About a year ago, I had the priviledge of being able to purchase a offline (no-steam) game bundle containing Bioshock and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I was online looking at a list of games that apparently supported EAX 5.0 (a really really impressive Hardware accelerated environmental audio (reverb) engine), I previously had no excuse to buy a EAX 5.0 supported sound card and had actually bought myself a Audigy 4 Pro thinking that I would no longer want the newer X-FI series because of cost and lack of software support.