Creative X Fi Sound Card

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This is an older card by creative labs but a very good card. The card came with no instructions the drivers had to be downloaded from creative lab support website and it is very important to download the drivers for the exact card you have purchased. Once the drivers were downloaded you need to go through many menus to get 5.1 surround sound and the record option. It takes time and effort to get the right settings if you don't, your playback is stereo 2.1. It is a very good board and maybe I should have research more for instruction and set up manuals. I have this audio card installed on 2 Dell tower pc's 64 bit windows 10 , chrome browser and they both work fine after setting them up correctly. Support software for this board is what is on creative support website and I believe that no additional updates will be made by creative to this cards software. Maybe wise to update to a newer card but be very careful that the board will support the windows you have installed and browser. International customers can shop on and have orders shipped to any U.S. address or U.S. See More Details . Les clients internationaux peuvent magasiner au et faire livrer leurs commandes à n’importe quelle adresse ou n’importe quel magasin aux États-Unis. Voir les détails . Clientes internacionales pueden comparer en y enviar sus pedidos a cualquier domicilio o tienda en EE. Ver más detalles . First off, the card sounds great.Creatives software on the other hand, is a 'solid' 4 out of 10 stars. When I first purchased this it worked just fine on my Windows 7 machine but after updating to 10 it stopped working and had to wait several months for Win10 compatible drivers. At first things seemed fine, but every month or three it would suddenly stop working and the only way to fix things was by completely uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling.